Meetings/2009-07-21/Agenda/Secretary's Report

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  1. I replied to a query from Brian Salter-Duke, the Treasurer of Wikimedia Australia, who is visiting the UK in September and would like to meet uk wikimedians.
  2. The final scores for Wikipedia Loves Art have been announced. I've been in touch with the V&A and WM-NYC to discuss announcing the winners
  3. I have had further correspondence with the Foundation regarding our charity status application
  4. I gave a presentation at the Open Source Schools conference in Nottingham
  5. The Chapter Agreement Committee (I am one of the five members) has agreed to move discussions regarding the Chapter Agreement Revision onto the Internal-L mailing list
  6. I've continued to solicit names for the Speakers page - we now have five volunteers
  7. We've had a letter from a contributor who has some images of wikipedia:Tower Bridge that we could potentially use.
  8. My interview with the filmmaker "Deperately Seeking Democracy" has been postponed indefintely at their request.
  9. I've received an email from the new "Facilitator for Strategic Planning", Philippe Beaudette, asking for ideas