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Wikimedia UK Board Meeting Agenda
Tuesday 28 July 2009, 8:45pm-10:45pm BST
Freenode IRC network, #wikimedia-uk-board

This meeting is open to the public. Public discussion will be in #wikimedia-uk .

Planned attendees:



  1. Fundraising resolution (TD)
    Suggested text: "The board resolves to authorise Thomas Dalton to form a temporary working group to put together a proposal for a fundraising drive starting on 9th August 2009 and lasting 2 weeks."
  2. Initiatives (ZH)
    1. Role of Board, Chair, Secretary, Initiatives Director
    2. Geonotice
      Suggested text: "Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge—volunteer to work with schools, museums or businesses.",
      or "Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge—join, donate or volunteer to work with schools, museums or businesses."
    3. Schools project (PW)
      1. Recruitment of volunteers for giving speech in schools
      2. The buying computer
      3. The list of schools
      4. Set up timeline
    4. London Loves Wikipedia (MP)
      1. Set up the leader
      2. Recruitment of volunteers for organizing on events
      3. the list of musuems
      4. Set up timeline
    5. Workplace Learning Lunches (AT)
      1. Set up the leader
      2. Recruitment of presentors
      3. progress report
      4. Set up timeline
    6. Content access partnership (MP)
    7. Other Initiative proposals (either sequential, or specific ones) (MP)
  3. Date & content of next Initiatives meeting