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1) The 'owner' of the Museums & Libraries Show due to be held in Earls Court in May 2010 has emailed Wikmedia UK asking for more details on our proposed involvement as 'Guest Speaker' on any thought leadership platform. If this is to proceed the owner of the Events portfolio on the Board needs to get in touch with the person and discuss what would work best for the show (and of course for us) and outline a format or shape for aspeaking proposal for next May's event that the Board and the organisers can agree on.


2) A Director of the global children's charity World Vision UK has expressed in interest in learning more about Wikimedia UK and our existing links with SOS Children. Whilst no specifics have been discussed, she has been made aware of the SOS Children/Wikimedia 'page' on our site so this is likely to move to a more formal discussion in the not too distant future. A Board view on the matter would be appreciated.


3)Red Maids School in Bristol Headmistress has asked for a meeting with SV to discuss possible avenues of cooperation. This is scheduled to take place pre-Board meeting (subject to diaries). SV is waiting for a steer from the Wikimedia UK Board as to what is needed from Red Maids in terms of aspects such as CRB checks etc - before any formal schools project-based presentation can proceed.

MEETING HAPPENED - VERY POSITIVE RESPONSE - Junior School Headmistress is 'discussing with Senior School HM' - may well require another meeting with senior school HM. Likely to be positive - will involve CRB Check letters being issued as a first step - second step would be the Senior School meeting then the likelihood of a letter to the Board inviting CRB checks

4) We have an offer of copyright free access to all, any or as much educational, tutorial, pictorial material from a specialist music teacher friend of mine called Roland Herrera (also from Bristol) (his website). He is something of an expert on violins, violin bows and backgammon - so if the membership contacted him they would mine a rich seam of material that includes videos, pictures and rare articles on these areas of interest. His price "just say where the article came from" - so all copyright free.

Roland Herrera (Violinist) Simonetta Barone (Cellist) Address: Westbury Park Strings, 52 Kellaway Ave, Bristol, BS6 7XU England Tel: 0117 9241145 0117 9241145 E-mail: Web: Services: CVs and teaching philosophy available on our site.

Roland Herrera confirmed his agreement in a mail which I circulated to the ikimedia UK Board, listing the website addresses of his many sites. He is happy to work with Wiki editors keen to use his content for entries on the site.

5) A Learning Lunches 'event' is scheduled to take place in London at the offices of Kaizo PR on December 3rd


6) An earlier Learning Lunches event at The Hub Bristol - had to be cancelled and will be rescheduled in the New Year

7) Meeting JB Science City Bristol (3/12) and SH Bristol City Council digital coordinator to discuss projects and cooperation ideas (incuding museums, Knowle West Media studio, Bioblitz (more info) and other matters)