Minutes 2010-05-04/Agenda/Secretary's Report

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  • TD, AT, MP: Update bank account signatories
  • Write role description
Discussion items Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • New WMUK phone. Rationale:
    • Current phone is dying (it dates from 2005)
    • Mobile phones are not intended for use over long time periods; after a few years they start developing issues. That makes reusing an old phone again unwise.
    • Something like Nokia 2730 - cheap (£50; falls into "Telephone, postage etc" part of "Administrative costs" of 2010 Budget?), has long battery life (420 minutes talktime, 360 hours standby), should be of reasonable build quality and reliability.
To do
  • New web hosting: spec, work out potential WMUK contribution to costs