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Could you be a trustee of Wikimedia UK?

The 2010 AGM will elect a Board of Trustees that will run Wikimedia UK for the forthcoming year. Are you able to help out by becoming a Board member?

Previous board members have said this about the experience:

  • "It's rewarding and enriching."
  • "It means I can contribute to Wikipedia on a much larger scale."
  • "Everyone's heard of Wikipedia, but they're looking for a voice - it's good to fulfill that need."
  • "It really broadened my mind - gave me experiences I would never have in my nine to five!"
  • "If you're on the Board you can influence the direction and focus of the chapter."

Next year is going to be a crucial year for our development: we have £50,000 from the recent Fundraiser budgeted for various projects; we plan to recruit our first employee and we will start negotiations with the Charity Commission on our application. We hope to continue to grow the membership and activities.

We expect the Board will meet once per month on line and twice per year in person. We also hope that directors take a lead in chapter projects outside meetings - however, there is no requirement to dedicate a certain amount of time to the chapter or to have any particular skills - just disclose what you can bring to the table and let the members decide!

Board members act as Directors and Trustees. The eligibility criteria and duties are set out at - please check that you are eligible and accept these duties before putting yourself forward for election. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me, another board member or take your own legal advice.

You need to be a member of Wikimedia UK to stand for the Board.

To nominate yourself as a candidate, simply email by Friday 9th April (23:59) with the following:

  • a statement that you would like to nominate yourself to serve as a director and trustee of Wikimedia UK and you fulfill the legal criteria for appointment
  • Full name
  • any previous names
  • date of birth
  • usual residential address
  • business occupation
  • the names of any other UK companies which you have been director of in the last five years

During the election only your name will be made public. If election these details will be filed with Companies House. Your address will be kept confidential but all other details will be made public.

You may also enclose a candidate statement of up to 500 words if you wish. This will be sent out with the ballot paper to the voters and published on the Wikimedia UK wiki. Alternatively, you may send this separately to the Tellers before the 9th April. The Tellers will confirm receipt and acceptance of the nomination. The list of validly approved candidates will be sent to all members within a week of the close of nominations on the 9th April. Candidates can withdraw their nomination any time before the results of the election are announced.