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Schedule[edit | edit source]

  • OKCon is between 10.30 and 18.30, hence 8 hours.
  • Assume 2x30 min breaks, 1 hour lunch, leaving 6 hours
  • 2 hour AGM?
  • 4 hours of talks (8x30 min?)

Speakers[edit | edit source]


  1. Someone from Geograph?
  2. Someone from OpenStreetMap Foundation?
  3. Other chapters, e.g. Maathias Schindler
  4. Someone from Open Knowledge Foundation
  5. A Wikimedia developer
  6. Someone from MLA/CollectionsTrust? e.g. Nick Poole, Spencer Hyman
  7. WMF staff/board (Sue? Jimmy? Michael?)
  8. WMUK board member for the panel? (Mike? Andrew?)
  9. Someone involved in e.g. James Forrester
  10. Someone from a media organisation, e.g. BBC

Board member elections[edit | edit source]

Annual reports[edit | edit source]

Budget[edit | edit source]

Item Amount Source
Printing annual reports ~£200 Own funds
Annual accounts audit ~£250 Own funds
Travel - for board members £400 Own funds?
Travel - for speakers as needed ~£2000? Sponsors?
Travel/entrance costs - for members £500 free content conferences budget from WMF
Venue costs (room hire, data projector hire) - our share £500? Sponsors?
Total: ~£3850

Sponsors[edit | edit source]

  • Telefonica / O2?
  • HP?
  • £500 for attending free content conferences from the WMF grant - for members attendance?

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Date planned* / Achieved Milestone
22 February Invitation for tellers to be sent out (Andrew)
25 February Call for Proposals for talks (Seddon)
End of February Content and draft pages for annual report set
End of February All expenses to date need to be in
9 March Invitation for motions to be sent out (Andrew)
24 March Notice of AGM (Andrew)
21 March invitation for candidates (Andrew)
Beginning of April Board's Report finalized (all)
23:59 4 April Deadline for board member nominations (Tellers)
6 April Board member ballot papers issued (Tellers)
?? Schedule of AGM / OKCon finalized (Seddon)
24 April 2010 AGM / OKCon

Statutory requirements[edit | edit source]

This notice is required to be given under the company's Articles of Association, which specify:

  1. The notice must be given to all members and directors (Art 6.4)
  2. Notice must be received at least 21 days before the date of the AGM (Art 6.1a)
  3. Notices given electronically are deemed to have been received 48 hours after they are sent (Art 26.5)
  4. Copies of notices sent must be retained in the Sent Items folder (Art 26.5)
  5. If notices sent electronically bounce, a paper copy must be posted to the member within 48 hours (Art 26.5)
  6. The notice must specify the Date, Time and Place of meeting (Art 6.3)
  7. The notice must specify the general nature of the business of the meeting (this is achieved by including the Agenda) (Art 6.3)
  8. The notice must mention the fact that it is an AGM (achieved by the title) (Art 6.3)

In addition the Election Rules specify that an invitation for candidates must be sent out with the notice of an AGM, containing:

  1. Details of the duties and obligations of a director-trustee
  2. Details of the statutory restrictions on who can serve as a director-trustee
  3. A nominating form for candidates to return to the Teller(s) setting out the required information,[2] with space for a candidate statement
  4. The deadline for returning the form to the Teller(s), which will not be less than 14 days and no more than 35 days before the AGM,[3] and at least three clear days after notice has been given

The legal rules on who can serve as a Director and as a charity Trustee are set out:

  1. For company directors here
  2. For charity trustees here

The duties of the chapter's Board members are set out:

  1. In the Companies Act 2006 here; more guidance on these duties are given here
  2. As charity trustees, here

Notes[edit | edit source]

These notes were brought forward from last year's page:

Ideas for a UK conference, please add/modify/discuss:

  • Every January
  • Moving around - at least alternating between London and Manchester, perhaps Birmingham and other places as well
  • One day, lunch included
  • Cost included in membership fee (should give better turnout than charging separately and means we don't have to worry about too few people turning up and it making a loss)
  • Talks, discussion and debates about Wikimedia projects and the UK community
  • Talks from external speakers
  • Talks from WMF
  • AGM: Annual report, board election, any other business