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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 30 June 2012.

Minutes of the board meeting held from 5.30-6.30pm on 12 May 2012 at the Science Museum, London, following from the WMUK AGM 2012.


  • Jon Davies (JD; staff; chair for the first part of the meeting)
  • Richard Symonds (RS; staff; minutes)
  • Roger Bamkin (RB; trustee)
  • John Byrne (JB; trustee)
  • Fæ (Fæ; trustee; chair for most of the meeting)
  • Chris Keating (CK; trustee)
  • Mike Peel (MP; trustee)
  • Doug Taylor (DT; trustee)
  • Joscelyn Upendran (JU, trustee)

Apologies for absence[edit | edit source]

There were no apologies.

Approval of agenda[edit | edit source]

This was approved with no objections, however, Fae was anxious to ensure that all new trustees signed the Code of Conduct ASAP.

Noting the election of the new Board[edit | edit source]


Vote of thanks to outgoing board members, teller and speakers[edit | edit source]

JD and the Board thanked the outgoing board members, teller and speakers.

Assignment of officials[edit | edit source]

Chair[edit | edit source]

Doug Taylor nominated Fae as Chair. John Byrne seconded. Fae was approved as Chair without objection. Fæ took over chairing the meeting from this point.

Treasurer[edit | edit source]

Fae nominated John Byrne. Roger Bamkin seconded. John Byrne was approved as treasurer without objection.

Secretary[edit | edit source]

John Byrne nominated Mike Peel as Secretary. Joscelyn Upendran seconded Mike Peel. Mike Peel was approved as Secretary without objection.

Any other positions[edit | edit source]

There was a brief discussion about other positions, including that of a membership secretary, and the possibility of 'Associates' or 'Fellows'. There were no other positions decided upon. It was, however, noted that Chris Keating would take the trustee lead with the upcoming Fundraiser.

ACTION 1.1: All board to read about Associates and Fellows.

ACTION 1.2: RS to send links around to the Associates and Fellows proposal.

Executive Committee - composition & delegated authority[edit | edit source]

It was reaffirmed that the Executive Committee consists of the Chief Executive, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

Conflict of Interest declarations for Register of Interests[edit | edit source]

The following COI declarations were noted:

  • RB is a paid consultant for Monmouthshire County Council and Nottingham Museums. He also runs a company, Victuallers Ltd.
  • DT used to have UHY Hacker Young, our auditors, as a client for his company about three years ago.
  • JU is Public Project Lead for Creative Commons in the United Kingdom.
  • Any concerns about COIs which could not (or may not) be made public should be raised with the Chief Executive.

ACTION 1.3: RS to include these within the main register of interests.

Briefings from outgoing trustees[edit | edit source]

This will be covered informally in the pub after the meeting.

Bank account signatories[edit | edit source]

JD suggested that the four exec roles (not people) are declared as signatories, which makes changes to the board much simpler. This was agreed as part of Resolutions 12May12b.

MP reminded that investment account signatories should be different to the current account signatories. Baydon Hill should be under the Executive Committee.

Chris Keating, Doug Taylor and Roger Bamkin volunteered to be on the 'B' list of signatories for the investment accounts.

The Unity trust resolution was agreed as part of Resolutions 12May12b.

Chapter representatives at Wikimania 2012[edit | edit source]

John Byrne is already going to Wikimania on a volunteer Scholarship. CK cannot go, but hopes to go in 2013. RB cannot go. Doug would like to go, Fae agreed with him. Joscelyn, Fae, Doug, Mike are tentative "yes"es.

DECISION: up to four of the board will go. Definitely Fae and Mike and Doug, possibly Joscelyn once she checks her calender. Final decision to be made on Monday 14 May.

Board meetings[edit | edit source]

CK pointed out that the planned June 16th board meeting clashes with the WW1 editathon. JD suggested that it be changed to 30 June/1 July. JD offered to host an evening party in his house on the saturday evening of the meeting.

DECISION: To have the next board meeting in London on 30 June/1 July. (NB: JD's evening party is not included in the decision!)

Trustee training[edit | edit source]

Fae said that he would much prefer it if all trustees completed trustee training, but no decision was reached.

Any Other Business[edit | edit source]

There was none.