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Hi all,

I've put below a rough job description for what I hope/intend to do, both in my role as secretary but also more generally.

Legal secretary requirements:

  • Ensuring that board meetings are appropriately recorded, and that actions are carried out (liaising with chair)
  • Ensuring that the membership database is up to date (liaising with treasurer)
  • Keeping Companies House (and in future, Charities Commission) information up to date


  • Primary press contact (holding the WMUK phone; wmfcc-l membership)
  • Keeping the website running and improving it; general technical assistance
  • Ensuring that general information emails are responded to in a reasonable timeframe (btw, any volunteers to help with these? We get around 1-2 a week at the moment...)
  • Ensuring that the membership and wikimedia community is kept up to date on all activities, and that the board is kept apprised of membership and wikimedia community views (note overlap with what Andrew proposed for him; I don't think that's an issue though)
  • Ensuring that the membership and wikimedia community is involved in as many activities as possible (liaising with whoever is organizing each event)

Events and initiatives:

  • Coordinating Wiki Takes Liverpool (if we decide to do this; and if sufficient member/volunteer support can be found)
  • Assisting where possible with GLAM-WIKI
  • Liaising with cultural partners (either directly, or assisting others doing so; chapters-cultural-partners mailing list membership)

There is also going to be the task at some point of 'Liaising between the board and paid staff, and ensuring that the tasks allotted to any paid staff are reasonable and are carried out' in the future. I'm not sure whether I would be the best person to take that on or not; I mention it because it's previously been ascribed to the secretary (on the current office manager plan page)

One point I've deliberately omitted is interacting with the lawyers that we currently have working on CC and money transfers. Given that they are based in Nottingham, I think it would be better for Andrew to continue with that.

Comments welcome.

Thanks, Mike