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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 25 July 2011.

Minutes for the July 2011 Executive Board meeting that happened in two parts: a) in-person on 9 July 2011, 10.00-13.00, b) by Skype, 19 July 2011, 19.30-21.00.

Present at both meetings: Roger Bamkin (RB; Chair), Mike Peel (MP; Secretary; minutes), Andrew Turvey (AT; Treasurer).

A. Finances[edit | edit source]

Outstanding expenses[edit | edit source]

The exec board went through the outstanding mail. The majority of backlog has now been cleared, although there is still a list of half a dozen items that need to be resolved. Most items went through on Monday 11 July. All of the outstanding claims are waiting on paperwork etc.

Setting on new staff - Job title resolution required and other related proposals required for board[edit | edit source]

Job title was agreed by the board by email as Chief Executive - 4 for, 1 against, 2 abstentions. The job advert was published on Friday 15th and 40 requests for the application pack were received by 10am on Monday. 1 person on panel from recruitment agency, 2 from Wikimedia and a guest. on interview panel. Close date 1st August and interview following week.

Scottish funding (GLAM)[edit | edit source]

Much discussion over this. No one saying "no" but several felt the salary was too high although this may be due to confusion over "salary" and "salary cost" - in progress

Fundraising[edit | edit source]

Austria was poor meeting but Chris now engaged with process. The meeting was not attended by any decision makers and agenda was poor. Subsequent to the meeting we were assured that the UK could join the fundraiser and we would sign the fundraising agreement in October. Both sides were asked to show good faith in the fact that we would agree. Since then Chris has been told that we do need to sign an agreement in order that money raised during testing can dealt with on a formal basis. Chris is moving forward with this action. Charity lawyers are looking at a draft.

2012 Activity Plan[edit | edit source]

Discuss process for developing our 2012 Activity Plan for completion by 30 September - ACTION: Andrew/Roger/Mike to assemble a straw man proposal. ACTION: Roger to ask for good ideas.

Dates of meetings[edit | edit source]

Move the next full board meeting from 30th to 27-28th August.

Review of 2011 Budget expenditure, including adherence to 2011 Budget/Controls[edit | edit source]

Also including: Review of expense claim procedure, including location of budget breakdowns and location of receipts

This was discussed; conclusion was that future exec meetings would review the headline figures, and the budget would be discussed line by line at each face-to-face full board meeting. Amount spent per month would be a useful figure to have

Status of financial audit; preparations in advance of the next audit[edit | edit source]

Accounts for last year finalised; need to be signed and posted. ACTION: Unsigned version will be uploaded to the wiki by AT this eve (essentially same as the version presented at the AGM).

Next year: key thing is getting management accounts in place, with books being looked at and reported on every 3 months. To be done in time for the next in-person board meeting.

AOB on finances[edit | edit source]

Updating address, internet banking, etc. outstanding.

"Potential Conflict of Interest by the Chair"[edit | edit source]

AT and MP received a query about a potential conflict of interest by the chair. This was discussed, and this was felt not to be a conflict.

Constitution and infrastructure[edit | edit source]

Review of charity application status[edit | edit source]

Generally happy with how this is progressing. ACTION: AT to follow up on costs with Johnbod and SV.

Next Board meeting[edit | edit source]

25th July by phone - 7:30. Topics were discussed, and added to the agenda.

Review of outstanding Board actions, and load on individual Board members[edit | edit source]

Load high on all.

Fundraiser: CK has plan to hire temporary staff (likely £10/hr, full time during fundraiser, either part or full time in advance). Need to reduce burden on doing this. Advertise on blog. Delegation to CK and RB to hire them.

AOB on constitution and infrastructure[edit | edit source]

There were none.

Activities[edit | edit source]

Review of positive/negative features of recent events and activities[edit | edit source]

British Library GLAMcamp and V&A "wikilounge", both went well. V&A didn't have much public involvement, though - but good results online with Tipu's Tiger article. Need to have more feedback and assessment from events - ideally in a standard format (e.g. standard feedback form of what went well, what didn't/could be done better, etc.; plus standard survey form for attendees). Also would be good to see a schedule of events. ACTION: RB to raise with Fæ.

Review of upcoming events and activities, and their readiness[edit | edit source]

Wikimania. RB talking with 4-6 people about funding. If talking, full funding and hotel. If not, then partial funding of £400 (inline with those that the WMF is funding). Will claim it back afterwards, with two potential exceptions who may need an advance.

AOB on activities[edit | edit source]

There were none.

AOB[edit | edit source]

Membership: lots due for renewal. ACTION: MP to liaise to CK about this.

Growing membership: should aim for increasing active members, by advertising during events. Bearing in mind that in order to be quorate at the AGM we need to have 10% of the membership present.

Date of next meeting[edit | edit source]

9 August.

The meeting closed at 21.00 on 19 July 2011.