Minutes 2012-04-15

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These minutes were noted at the Board meeting on 21 April 2012.

These are the minutes of the WMUK Exec Meeting that took place at the Office on 15 April 2012. Some participants joined in by telephone.


  • Fæ (Fæ) - Chair
  • Mike Peel (MP)
  • Jon Davies (JD)
  • Richard Symonds (RS)
  • John Byrne (JB)
  • Roger Bamkin (RB) (by phone)

AGM[edit | edit source]

A number of speaker slots have already been set. Additional possibilities include the Head of Monmouthshire City Council, or Mark Graham from Oxford Internet Institute. Having a GLAM panel was discussed, and was incorporated into the schedule, compered by Fæ.

The slot for Wikimedian of the year was reduced to 15 minutes. The award winners will be decided at Monmouth board meeting.

JD noted that we do need to book in natural comfort breaks and 'wiggle room' to allow for talk overruns. These were added into the agenda during the meeting.

It was decided that Mike will organise the morning talks (on the Wikimedia projects), Fæ will organise the GLAM panel (relying on community support), and that Roger will organise the afternoon talks. Once speakers are confirmed, Daria will be able to ensure they have tickets and organise travel etc.

Communications from non-wikimedian candidates for the board will be supported by the Tellers for those with non-wiki experience.

JB entered the meeting at this point

Finances[edit | edit source]

JB suggests that there will be quite a lot of work involved in transferring finances over from one treasurer to the next, but that, once done, it will be relatively simple. Our new bank account with Unity Trust will be set up in the next few days, and the office will have better control and oversight of the bank accounts.

ACTION: RB will give the office a copy of recent transfers from Baydon-Hill - Yes check.svg Done during the meeting.

ACTION: JD to raise any outstanding financial issues in a simple ledger/report to the board at Monmouth


The Board will make a recommendation regarding financial oversight and treasurer at the Monmouth board meeting.

Communications[edit | edit source]

MP and Fæ are not happy to amalgamate the AGM blog post with any other blog posts, as Roger suggested. They feel that the AGM blog post should be separate, and written by the Tellers.

ACTION: Tellers to write a blog post about the AGM elections, to be circulated Monday

ACTION: RB to write about the upcoming changes to the WMUK board, including any financial oversight changes. To be circulated Monday.

ACTION: RS and MP to add JB to Office List and Office Wiki Yes check.svg Done during meeting

Annual Report[edit | edit source]

RB was worried about the lack of information on Monmouth. MP pointed out that a lot of Monmouth falls into this financial year, not the 2011-12 year, and so shouldn't technically be mentioned.

SORP details ready - JB to be copied in.

Glossy report will be ready for AGM and will link to future plans (2012 Activity Plan). The online version will be more interactive.

AoB[edit | edit source]

JB notes that parking is free on Sundays (and possibly evenings) near the office. This should be updated on the Wiki etc.

There was also a discussion about Wiki Loves Monuments, and whether or not there is enough time for the project to go ahead this year without issue.

Meeting concluded at 14:03.