Nexters and KPMG event 3 December 2013

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Note from Stevie

  • Date: 3 December 2013
  • Location: Bl_nk, Shoreditch
  • Organised by: Nexters / KPMG
  • Areas: EduTech, social tech, entrepreneurship

On Tuesday 3 December I presented at an event for tech entrepreneurs, educational technologists and funders. The event was organised by the Nexters network and supported by KPMG. This followed on from an earlier, smaller event on 26 November.

Around 70 people or so were in attendance, representing a broad spectrum of people interested in technology and education. One of my fellow speakers was Simon Knight, Wikimedia UK trustee, who spoke about different approaches to online learning and learning analytics while wearing both his WMUK and Open University hats.

Due to some small technological mishaps, my slide deck was overlooked. The tech support somehow played the inspirational video at the beginning of my presentation instead, so I had to improvise the talk. I think I got away with it.

After the talks had finished I found that people were practically queueing up to speak with me, which hasn't been the case since the unfortunate incident with the chicken truck on the A303. People were particularly interested in open licensing of content and in Wikipedia Zero.

Contacts and follow-up[edit | edit source]

One of the contacts made already looks like it could be developing into a good working relationship. Joe Collins works for a charity called ARK. ARK is an educational charity which is currently looking to develop a package of open educational resources for use in schools overseas, for example in Uganda. They have received a grant to buy devices for use in these schools and they are in the process of sourcing the software to include in the package. They are very interested in using Kiwix – I gave them a demonstration on Friday 6 December – and arranging training for the schoolteachers in the use of Wikipedia as a teaching tool.

Benita Matofska runs the people who share website which is the platform behind Global Sharing Day. We are speaking on Skype on 12 December to explore how we may be able to collaborate, particularly in relation to Wikipedia being an embodiment of the spirit of sharing and collaboration.

Liam Maxwell is Chief Technology Officer for HM Government. We have tentatively arranged to meet in the new year to discuss how we may be able to work together, particularly in terms of open licenses within government departments.

Neeraj Sharma is an entrepreneur who is very interested in Wikipedia Zero. He has many contacts in the telecoms industry that he is going to speak to about WMP Zero with a view to putting us in touch.

Many other people were interested in both the chapter and its work. There are likely to be other working relationships which develop as a result of the conversations there. Many more follow up emails have been sent and we shall see how things develop.