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As part of the Ada Lovelace Bicentenary, the Bodleian Libraries and University of Oxford IT Services are hosting a Wikipedia editathon on Tuesday 13th October 2015, from 2pm to 5pm. Led by Martin Poulter, the Bodleian Libraries' Wikimedian In Residence, this event is suitable for wiki newcomers. It will focus on creating new articles, or expanding stub articles, about women in science.

This is a free event. The booking link for members of the University of Oxford is http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TWOHA . If you are not a member, email martin.poulter@bodleian.ox.ac.uk

A project page on Wikipedia has more details and will record changes made.

Apart from the two trainers, fourteen people took part: 13 women and one man. See w:Wikipedia:WikiProject_University_of_Oxford/AdaLovelaceDay2015/editathon#Participants

The initial presentation about Wikipedia was streamed live on Periscope, where it was seen by 60 people.

Evaluation[edit | edit source]

Except where indicated, 5 = Excellent; 1= Poor

Teaching[edit | edit source]

Answers: 10 of 16 - Return rate: 62.5% - Mean value: 4.70 - Variance: 0.23 - Standard Deviation: 0.48

Learning resources (e.g. notes, slides, videos)[edit | edit source]

Answers: 10 of 16 - Return rate: 62.5% - Mean value: 4.70 - Variance: 0.23 - Standard Deviation: 0.48

Tasks and practical work[edit | edit source]

2 = Too difficult; -2 = Too easy
Answers: 9 of 16 - Return rate: 56.3% - Mean value: 0.00 - Variance: 0.00 - Standard Deviation: 0.00

Organisation on the day[edit | edit source]

Answers: 10 of 16 - Return rate: 62.5% - Mean value: 4.90 - Variance: 0.10 - Standard Deviation: 0.32

Do you have any comments about the format and length of the workshop?[edit | edit source]

Answers: 5 of 16 - Return rate: 31.3%

  1. It seemed quite a long time (3 hours) to commit to, but it actually went by quite fast.
  2. Both were fine.
  3. About right for teaching and writing components.
  4. Just right.
  5. A good length - enough time to complete some significant editing.

What would you have liked more of?[edit | edit source]

Answers: 6 of 16 - Return rate: 37.5%

  1. Maybe more one-to-one help on the task (which officially lasted 2 hours, though quite dented by tea breaks).
  2. Possibly a sheet of instructions explaining various Wikipedia functions. Once I got into creating & editing a page, I forgot to listen to further instructions so a copy of the instructions would be useful
  3. A little more time on the actual writing of the new pages, maybe a chance to share our findings at the end.
  4. More troubleshooting attention, as a complete newbie to wikipedia editing.
  5. Nothing
  6. N/a

What would you have liked less of?[edit | edit source]

Answers: 3 of 16 - Return rate: 18.8%

  1. Nothing. It was all good.
  2. Nothing
  3. N/a

Please give any other comments you have here[edit | edit source]

Answers: 8 of 16 - Return rate: 50.0%

  1. Quite disappointed to find that a bot flagged our wikipedia entry for copyright infringement (which I assume was due to copying a factual table of years and prizes). Martin Poulter sorted that out, but then someone took down the article, citing copyright infringement again…
  2. I wonder if a monthly Wikipedia editing session would be popular? My impression was that lots of us found it a very rewarding and useful experience and would like to continue contributing. I would certainly be more likely to do this as part of a group.
  3. I didn't have a coffee, because it looked too stressful / weird to get one (i.e. the sachet in the little machine, which people were struggling with): excellent biscuits, though...
  4. Great session! I would definitely go to an editathon again!
  5. As the participants fell into new/experienced editors, one alternative might be to place the newbies near the front half of room near screens. This would enable us to read the screens more easily for reference, and also to have a roaming trouble-shooter among us, who knew we were newbies. Also, a really basic 'Action List' on screen might help us to not get lost/left behind so easily.
  6. Also attended the Ada Lovelace Live event in London the same evening so had to leave a bit earlier than course finish time unfortunately. Very helpful people running the training.
  7. Biscuits and cakes were good, but was longing for an urn of hot water after wrestling with those machines. They are just a way of making you buy poor quality tea and coffee in a more expensive format! Martin very approachable and helpful
  8. Really enjoyed this workshop and felt I was able to contribute to Wikipedia in a small way.