Rediscovering Rycote

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On 15 November 2013, the Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford organised an editathon with support from Wikimedia UK.

The topic was focused on the Rediscovering Rycote online resource. The Tudor mansion at Rycote Park in Oxfordshire was arguably the dominant country house in early modern Oxfordshire and played host to six English kings and queens, including Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. The mansion archive was destroyed on a bonfire, but the Bodleian Library holds many manuscripts, letters, accounts, drawings and maps relating to Rycote. The Rediscovering Rycote website uses these archival resources to reconstruct the history of the house and its residents.

The event had seventeen participants, including Liz McCarthy of the Bodleian Libraries and a group of trainers from Wikimedia UK.

See the event's page on Wikipedia for participants, resources and outcomes.