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Below is the Wikimedia UK monthly report for the period 1st to 30th April 2013. If you want to keep up with the chapter's activities as they happen, please subscribe to our blog, join a UK mailing list, and/or follow us on Twitter. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line on this report's talk page.

Program activities[edit | edit source]

Community[edit | edit source]

Microgrant outcome[edit | edit source]

GLAM activities[edit | edit source]

Technology[edit | edit source]

Other activities[edit | edit source]

Microgrants[edit | edit source]

Information about microgrants that are currently running, and how to submit a microgrant application of your own, are at Microgrants/Applications.

UK press coverage (and coverage of UK projects & activities)[edit | edit source]

Blog posts this month[edit | edit source]

Activities in April and May[edit | edit source]

April[edit | edit source]

May[edit | edit source]

For events in June 2013 and onwards, please see Events.

Administrative activities[edit | edit source]

Finances[edit | edit source]

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News from the Chief Exec[edit | edit source]

For information on Jon's activities this month, see News from the Office.

Communications[edit | edit source]

Please see the above links to relevant press coverage received in April, as well as blog posts published this month.

If you're interested in getting more involved with our communications or have any questions or comments, please email Stevie Benton –

Fundraising and Membership[edit | edit source]


This month, we received £220 in one-off donations, with 4 individual donations. The average donation amount was £55 - 75% of these donors have had Gift Aid Declarations made and matched with their records. If anyone would like a full (but anonymised) csv file with more information, please get in touch with and let her know your requirements.

There were 4963 successful direct debits this month, bringing in a total of £19474.77


Up to 30th April 2013:

  • 189 new (membership commenced in preceding three months) and current members - with 8 new join-ups in April.
  • 96 'grace' members (membership within six months after date membership should be renewed)
This adds up to 285 members who were eligible to vote