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Below are the Board reports to the Board Meeting on 11-12 June 2011; see Agenda 11June11.

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Roger Bamkin (Chair)[edit | edit source]

Done recently
  • Sorted out a lead person for National Railway Museum and several assists
  • Re-launched Wright Challenge which is over achieving. 500 articles.
  • Organised Birmingham Board meeting
  • Found lead for matching Birmingham wiki meet
  • Attended UGC4GLAM meeting in Vienna
  • Obtained help for Wikinews / Olympics coverage
  • Close out GLAMDerby - publicise Wright Challenge - help? Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Organise face to face Board meeting in Birmingham Yes check.svg Done
  • Attend meeting in Vienna on behalf of WMF Glam May 16-17 Yes check.svg Done
  • RB to talk to the Foundation about the fundraiser Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • RB to talk to CK about the resource requirement for the fundraising.
  • RB to approach Steve Virgin regarding him leading an EDU-WIKI conference later this year. To be discussed at the next telephone full board meeting. Yes check.svg Done
  • RB to talk to Martin Poulter regarding the Campus Ambassadors program to determine how well it will succeed in the future. Yes check.svg Done
  • RB to recommend to Fæ that the facilitator aims to produce a more structured meeting with clear deliverables from the day. Yes check.svg Done also talk to facilitator
  • RB to find out location and time of the Birmingham wikimeet. Symbol wait.svg Doing... MP to help advertise the wikimeet.

Mike Peel (Secretary)[edit | edit source]

Done recently
  • New board members now bureaucrats on the WMUK wiki. Tango has been de-bureaucrated (as per request at meta:Steward_requests/Permissions#Removal_of_access [1])
  • Requested access to ComCom for MLP and CK - both of whom are now subscribed (thanks to Moka).
  • OTRS access updated so that the new board members have access (thanks to Casey).
  • 20 'Welcome to Wikipedia' leaflets sent to the British Library
  • Following a request to use the Wikipedia trademark in an Animal Planet TV show (originally sent to WMUK; passed on to the Foundation)
  • Virtually attended the Wikimedia Foundation's Metrics and Activities meeting on 5 May
  • Will be on a panel at the 'Investigating Academic Impact' conference at the London School of Economics on 13 June. "Panel 3: Innovative Approaches to Impact and Engagement", talking about Wikipedia. See [2] for more details.
  • Set up for Rock drum's GLAMcamp NYC mashup
  • Responded to Lodewijk's request for the 'top 3 coolest projects'
  • Joomla and CiviCRM updated to the latest versions - tidying still in progress...
  • Stood down as a Wikimedia cultural-partners mailing list admin
  • Spoke to freelance journalist about PR companies editing Wikipedia articles (7 June)
Discussions needed Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • None
Tasks to do
  • Closing off Britain Loves Wikipedia
  • Sort through / close off old email addresses
  • Working on Reports/2011/May
  • Prepare blog post on POTY competition, to be put out once winner has been announced
  • Update blog to use Vector skin [3]; specify license (the standard CC-BY-SA?)
Things to keep track of
  • Transfer of €4k to WMDE for sponsorship of the chapters meeting - transfer complete; now awaiting receipt.
  • Transfer of £293k to WMF as a grant towards their general operating funds
  • Returning of new Wikipedia banner from Trevor to Steve/Martin - returned to Martin
  • Possibility of a Wiki session at Science Online London 2011 - suggested by CRUK
Recent media coverage of Wikipedia in the UK
  • MP to set up access to blog for board members, and admins on facebook.Yes check.svg Done
  • MP to offer OTRS access to specific known and trusted volunteers
  • MP to put together how-to pages for managing the budgets, authorising expenditure and requesting reimbursement Yes check.svg Done see [4]
  • RB to find out location and time of the Birmingham wikimeet. MP to help advertise the wikimeet.

Andrew Turvey (Treasurer)[edit | edit source]

Activities to report
Discussion / review items
  1. AT to contact Charity Commission requesting a meeting (top priority)
  2. AT to arrange internet banking for MP, RB and AT Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  3. All to produce a short profile for the website and to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  4. AT to complete and send charity reply to lawyers Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  5. AT to send a memento of our gratitude to the teller, outgoing board members, and speakers (excluding new board members), from WikiConference UK 2011 Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  6. AT to email around details of the interested candidate to be an office manager, and to also draft a blog post to advertise the position Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  7. AT to add RB as signatory and remove TD Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  8. AT - Staff roadshow Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  9. AT to investigate how we can move to multiple signatories for large transactions. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  10. AT to investigate debit cards for bank account signatories. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  11. TD to give AT the password for the main paypal account. AT to give all board members read-only access to the paypal account. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  12. AT to investigate term deposits and return to the board with options. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  13. AT - Sign NMM MoU (Monday) X mark.svgN --> transferred to MP & CK
  14. AT - In camera minutes of 2 February 2011 Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  15. AT - written legal advice onto wiki Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  16. AT to circulate results from WikiConference survey once complete
  17. AT to work on the overdue fundraising reports
  18. AT to contact lawyers regarding how a cap on growth in the fundraising agreement with the WMF affects our independence.
  19. AT to prepare a new budget reflecting the costs of the new profile of staff recruitment
  20. AT to phone the co-op regarding the bank transfer of the WMF grant
  21. AT to discuss financial regulations with the co-op bank, particularly with regards the transfer of signatories after the AGM.
  22. AT to investigate alternative banks, with a recommendation to be made at the in-person board meeting
  23. AT to talk to Chris Keating with regards advertising the availability of sponsorship for Wikimedia
  24. AT (or CK) to contact the WMF to see whether they have any recommendations for international Wikimedians to sponsor
  25. AT to request a quote for insurance for board members against the risk of personal liability and negligence.
  26. AT to follow up outstanding payment of previous office manager with payroll.

Chris Keating (Director)[edit | edit source]

  • Internal Comms;
  1. CiviCRM's email capabilities are up and running
  2. 4 blog posts in May and one in June so far (thanks Ashley, Roger and Martin) - will continue to request these of people / write them / etc
  3. Tweeting is going well, am pleased by our growth in Twitter followers (595 at time of writing - up from 411 in mid-March).
  4. Revision of WMUK homepage - done
  • Fundraiser;
  1. Sent followup/thanks email to 2011 donors Yes check.svg Done - with many thanks to Mike Peel
  2. Started to build relationships with Foundation fundraising staff
  3. Handover from Seddon
  4. Am giving some thought to our future fundraising strategy i.e. what can we do as well as the Wikimedia fundraiser. Can produce a paper on this over the summer - if it will be of any help.
  5. Starting conversation with WP:CONTRIB about a more systematic way of thinking about donors -> editors.
  • Publications and resources
  1. On the agenda for July
  • NMM - still waiting for them to sign off MOU.
  • AT to send around detailed information about the facilitation for the strategy discussion; decision to be made by email. Fæ to look into background, and to pin down specific outcomes (with SV). CK has contacts in this sector; will ask for a competitive quote. Fæ to take the lead with this topic. Yes check.svg Done
  • All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'. Yes check.svg Done

Martin Poulter (Director)[edit | edit source]

Recent activity
  • Fixed dates and volunteer rosters for Institute of Physics Workshop (1st September) and Medical Research Council Workshop (1st July)
  • Initiated contact with the British Psychological Society: in-person meeting coming soon
  • Presented at OER 2011 on "Wikimedia and Higher Education: Beat them or Join them?"
  • Wrote description of Commons as a platform for Open Educational Resources for JISC CETIS site
  • Wrote and publicised one blog post
  • With Steve, wrote Memorandum of Understanding for ARKive post and agreed it with ARKive
  • With Steve and University of Bristol contact, agreed description of Wikimedia Ambassador role
  • Online meetings about Campus Ambassador programme
Coming soon
  • Campus Ambassador training event in London
  • Talk to Bristol University subject librarians
  • Being interviewed by a local free magazine
  • Run the MRC workshop
  • Recruiting and inducting UoB and ARKive Ambassadors
  • Attending Wikimedia in Higher Education summit
  • Presenting with Steve to BBC media librarians (date TBC)
  • Investigate whether we could arrange a "pro-forma" adult education course for September on "Making your Wikipedia page" and how we might publicise - not done beyond exploratory emails: have raised the issue of our engagement with education sectors on the membership list.
  • MLP to talk to Alex about what's been achieved so far, what can be achieved before he leaves, his involvement afterwards and how WM-UK might help further; and will report back to the board on this.
  • Follow up Institute of Physics contacts re: article and educational projects
  • Follow up on research council contacts
  • Follow up on business cards

Fæ (Director)[edit | edit source]

  • AT to send around detailed information about the facilitation for the strategy discussion; decision to be made by email. Fæ to look into background, and to pin down specific outcomes (with SV). CK has contacts in this sector; will ask for a competitive quote. Fæ to take the lead with this topic.
  • All to produce a short profile for the website. Also to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'.
  • Fæ to send consent to act to AT.

Steve Virgin (Director)[edit | edit source]

  • University of Bristol Wikimedia Outreach Ambassador - now reviewing seven CV's moving towards selection
  • ARKIVE - Waiting for 15 June meeting of ARKIVE Board for final sign off - then need to recruit
  • Technology Strategy Board - discussion - will lead to more meeting in July (very encouraging)
  • Agreement in principle from Food Standards Agency to 'discuss' and 'organise' on site training
  • Meeting 15 June - Meeting Bristol Cathedral Choir School to discuss collaboration
  • Talk NUJ Bristol - agreed - no date yet


  • 21 July & 26 July - Business West 'What is your Wikipedia Business Strategy' - at Cheltenham Racecourse & Gloucestershire Cricket Club
  • 8 Sept TEDX Bristol Talk - with Roger Banmkin (more details need to be understood but speaking slot agreed)
  • Priority - managing the ARKIVE/University of Bristol processes
  • Coordinating the meeting with RB (technology strategy board)
  • Setting up meeting Food Standards Agency
  • Follow up Olympic Games initiative