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Below are the Board reports to the Board Meeting on 25 July 2011; see Agenda 25Jul11.

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Shared actions[edit | edit source]

  • All to log into OTRS and look at the WMUK queue.
  • Executive to meet in person to resolve the issue of outstanding invoices and expense claims
  • Action on all to keep GG informed of activities, and involved in them from the start.

Roger Bamkin (Chair)[edit | edit source]

Done recently
  • Attended meeting with Technology Strategy Board with Steve Virgin and Terence Eden
  • Attended and spoke at GLAMCamp
  • Fundraising meeting in Austria - as reported at Exec
  • Phone meetings with Gemma G - Note resignation and thanks to her
  • Funding for Wikimania -

Delegates are 2 off in UK 1 off Hungary 1 off Kenya. (Isaac Kosgei) Speakers are receiving full costs and those who are not are given £400 to keep alignmeny with WMF foundation funding.

  • Hosted Catalan visitor (Arnau Duran) to see Derby Museum/QR codes
Catalan editor in Derby Museum
  • Close out GLAMDerby - done. - publicise Wright Challenge - Still running to Sept 3rd. ~ 1,000 articles/translations
  • RB to talk to CK about the resource requirement for the fundraising. - Done in progress
  • RB to talk to those attending Wikimania 2011 to find out how their attendance links in with WMUK. Also to email to the members/community offering support for attendance (with request for rationale). Done in progress
  • RB to discuss expectations concerning communications - done - fallout below
  • Speaking at Wikimania - networking for WMUK - any messages you want me to carry? to whom?
  • Announcing World's first (Wiki)Museum available in (?) languages. ? = 10 to 50 depending on how you count them
  • Herbert Museum event in Sept 24/Oct 1
  • Speaking at closing Europeanna conference in October
  • Invite to attend WMMX event in November

Mike Peel (Secretary)[edit | edit source]

Done recently
  • Reports/2011/May and Reports/2011/June sent out - currently working on Reports/2011/July.
  • Supporting recruitment of Chief Exec; also providing input to charity application when useful
  • Assisting in catching up with paying expenses and invoices (inc. helping in-person at the recent exec meeting)
  • Signed fundraising agreement with WMF on behalf of WMUK
  • Working on updating membership records in civicrm
Tasks to do
  • Closing off Britain Loves Wikipedia Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • Sort through / close off old email addresses
  • Update blog to use Vector skin [1]; specify license (the standard CC-BY-SA?) Go-next-red.svg Carried forward (ideally needs tech person)
Things to keep track of
  • MP to offer OTRS access to specific known and trusted volunteers Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • MP to come back to the board with a revised microgrants process. Symbol wait.svg Doing... (discuss in AOB)

Andrew Turvey (Treasurer)[edit | edit source]

Activities to report
Discussion / review items
  1. AT to contact Charity Commission requesting a meeting (top priority)
  2. AT to arrange internet banking for MP, RB and AT Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  3. All to produce a short profile for the website and to put together a summary of what they 'bring to the party'. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  4. AT to complete and send charity reply to lawyers Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  5. AT to send a memento of our gratitude to the teller, outgoing board members, and speakers (excluding new board members), from WikiConference UK 2011 Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  6. AT to email around details of the interested candidate to be an office manager, and to also draft a blog post to advertise the position Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  7. AT to add RB as signatory and remove TD Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  8. AT - Staff roadshow Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  9. AT to investigate how we can move to multiple signatories for large transactions. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  10. AT to investigate debit cards for bank account signatories. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  11. TD to give AT the password for the main paypal account. AT to give all board members read-only access to the paypal account. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  12. AT to investigate term deposits and return to the board with options. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  13. AT - Sign NMM MoU (Monday) X mark.svgN --> transferred to MP & CK
  14. AT - In camera minutes of 2 February 2011 Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  15. AT - written legal advice onto wiki Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  16. AT to circulate results from WikiConference survey once complete
  17. AT to work on the overdue fundraising reports
  18. AT to contact lawyers regarding how a cap on growth in the fundraising agreement with the WMF affects our independence.
  19. AT to prepare a new budget reflecting the costs of the new profile of staff recruitment
  20. AT to phone the co-op regarding the bank transfer of the WMF grant
  21. AT to discuss financial regulations with the co-op bank, particularly with regards the transfer of signatories after the AGM.
  22. AT to investigate alternative banks, with a recommendation to be made at the in-person board meeting
  23. AT to talk to Chris Keating with regards advertising the availability of sponsorship for Wikimedia
  24. AT (or CK) to contact the WMF to see whether they have any recommendations for international Wikimedians to sponsor
  25. AT to request a quote for insurance for board members against the risk of personal liability and negligence.
  26. AT to follow up outstanding payment of previous office manager with payroll.

Chris Keating (Director)[edit | edit source]


Fundraising Summit Report

I have taken over responsibility for dealing with fundraising agreement compliance
Fundraising agreement now signed and delivered with significant changes to suit WMUK's application
First fundraising test occurred on Friday evening - more will take place this summer
I've set up a number of (bring) procedures to get fundraising data out of PayPal and into CiviCRM in a more complete way than hitherto - this will support future fundraising (particularly offline)
Circulated a long-term fundraising forecast to the board by email
Progress in investigating potential Direct Debit suppliers - aiming (with Andrew) to select a supplier next week in time for implementation before fundraiser - we are going for a "facilities management" solution which outsources the maximum amount of the work elsewhere
Working with Andrew/Mike/Roger on recruitment for temporary administrator
Internal Comms
Could do with a bit more blog content; there was loads in late May. I have stopped prodding people, will start prodding again.
Organic Twitter growth continues
NMM MOU as noted - still working on implementation
Detailed proposal for offline fundraising this Autumn by 31 July
Sort out print items to support outreach (carried over)
Probably worth doing an email to members with key bits of recent news (not all are on wmuk-l)

Martin Poulter (Director)[edit | edit source]

Recent activity
  • Wikipedia in Higher Education:
    • One of four trainees at Campus Ambassador training event in London
    • Attended Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit in Boston
    • Spoke to Bristol University subject librarians and follow-up emails. As a result of a request, have provided slides for use in training pre-sessional students.
    • Have been in touch with some volunteer contacts, and HE sector contacts. Next step is to open up this process (see actions below)
  • Medical Research Council Workshop in London. Feedback (positive) has been circulated to presenters and Board. This is a continuing relationship: a follow-up workshop is being planned for Cambridge, with Oxford next after that.
  • University of Bristol Outreach Ambassador (Sam Knight): Was on interview panel (with SV & UoB contact), have given him some contacts to follow up and am meeting weekly over the course of his placement. Pleased with the initiative he is showing engaging with staff and students in the University
  • ARKive Outreach Ambassador (Andy Mabbett): Chaired initial meeting between Andy and ARKive. Andy has taken has taken the lead and is making admirable progress: see the project page he has created on Wikipedia.
  • Bristol Wiki Academy 2 (co-organised with SV): public training event was also an opportunity to show Sam (above) our message and our outreach work.
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council: had very positive meeting. They will come back with location and suggested date for a training workshop.
  • With MP, wrote first draft of feature article for Physics World: further drafts to be created by discussion between us and IoP Publishing
  • Talked about WMUK as part of an interview for "The Spark" (a local free magazine) to be published in September
  • Arranged for printing and mailing of 500 leaflets to CILIP conference to support Ironholds.
  • Twitter: following some supporters via the WMUK account
Coming soon
  • Involved in Girl Geeks workshop (mid August) organised with SV, Panyd and Sam
  • Institute of Physics Workshop, 1 September
  • Meeting with British Psychological Society postponed to October
  • Writing guide to Wikimedia Commons for JISC Digital Media (advice site for creators and users of digital media for education)
  • Invitation from a podcast to speak about Wikipedia- date TBC
  • Next steps for Wikimedia Universities Programme (next few weeks):
    • Pages on WMUK site explaining opportunities and calling for action: include public record of actions taken & in progress
    • Three-tier information structure: 1) a small team co-ordinating activity across the sector; 2) an advisory board of people not involved day-to-day but kept in the loop; 3) a wider mailing list of interested educators, students and support staff, sent occasional announcements or personal contact.
    • Invitations to educators: build mailing list and roster
    • Launch event(s) in a suitable institution and related publicity
  • Follow up on business cards
  • Look into a team for a training event for Food Standards Agency in Autumn (arranged by SV)
  • Log into OTRS

Fæ (Director)[edit | edit source]

  • V&A Wikilounge event a success, primarily due to having the two strings of public outreach in conjunction with international collaboration on a single top article (en:Tipu's Tiger), this has enthused the V&A.
  • Museum Galleries Scotland, the CEO is keen to organize a press release (after being "delighted" that WM-UK have agreed to proceed) but the basics of the Job Spec need discussion first. Under initial review with MGS staff this week. Brian McNeil is proving invaluable as a local point of contact (Edinburgh) and may help with the text of the press release.
  • Radio Scotland interview, this was a good sign of our positive relationship with Matthew Cock (BM) as he recommended I was invited for the chat. MGS were very happy that I mentioned our new partnership in the programme.
  • CILIP conference successful with a number of contacts made by OK and TM.
  • British Museum, meeting scheduled 28/7 with the curator to discuss how an Iron Age editathon might work. Separately we have a commitment for events in September/October for two Ice Age events in September/October and initial training sessions with the British Museum Volunteers and Staff which may be a longer programme depending on interest. JB is leading the logistics.
  • British Library has booked me for an internal presentation for all staff on 27/9. This is intended to stimulate engagement on future events and activities with several departments at the same time.
  • Special Libraries Association have booked Roger for a talk to their members on 17 November.
  • Kew Gardens, after a long gap we are discussing a pragmatic initial meeting next month.
  • Wellcome Trust, still in the pipeline. Serious interest from several Wikimedians who are staff from the inside but I have delayed follow-up due to this needing focus.
  • National Archives, our internal contact is very enthusiastic. I think there has been a delay in communications after GLAM camp due to holidays.
GLAM network
  • I think the GLAMIST is a bit parked (this was the international group).
  • GLAM London was a great success. A further networking event is being considered for September though we may re-plan depending on what happens with WM-NL's international GLAM conference.
Inter-chapter and strategy
  • My 30 minute video discussing strategy appeared to be helpful for the WM-AU strategy workshop last weekend. Further board level sharing of experience, particularly with our charity application might help establish the UK as a leader (if this is how we want to be seen).
  • (TBA) The Strategy Workshop results should be incorporated into the WM-UK wiki, this may be useful to time with further announcements about an EGM if needed to support transition to charity status.
  • Fae - Add general simple guidelines to the WM-UK wiki defining what travel expenses WM-UK are prepared to cover for volunteers supporting events.
  • All - Better solution needed to how we regularly pick up emails to OTRS. We recently missed a request for interview with the BBC WRT NOTW situation.
  • All - Reconsider how we ensure board email consistently separates necessary decisions (that are made once) from information or optional review comments. Perhaps all recordable decisions to have a subject prefix of "Urgent:" ?
  • (TBA) - This GLAM report is effectively censored by being on open wiki. It is not sensible to provide speculative details or discussions about partner organizations in this format. Any recommendations?

Steve Virgin (Director)[edit | edit source]


New Initiatives

Met With Science Museum Archive Team at Wroughton - very keen to work with us. More than three quarters of a million 'items' of cultural heritage stored at Wroughton. The set up leands itself perfectly to: BackStage Pass, Possible On-Site Board Meeting: Wikipedian In Residence; Coordination with Imperial College Wikipedia Society & possible stimuli to get a Bristol University Wikipedia Society Created

ARKIVE - Agreed 'in principle' an event on August 18 based around an editathon to be coordinated by User:PigsontheWing but with Martin & myself seeking to attract interest - needs to produce a budget for Board approval

Bristol Girl Geeks - Agreement in principle to host a dinner the same evening after the Editathon event - needs a budget also

PR for two appointments in bristol this summer


  • 21 July & 26 July - Business West 'What is your Wikipedia Business Strategy' - at Cheltenham Racecourse & Gloucestershire Cricket Club DONE & DOING TOMORROW
  • 8 Sept TEDX Bristol Talk - with Roger Bamkin (more details need to be understood but speaking slot agreed)Unsure on how to proceed now need to resolve QRPedia Data ownership Issue
  • Priority - managing the ARKIVE/University of Bristol processes In progress - need to coordinate with martin
  • Coordinating the meeting with RB (technology strategy board)Done
  • Setting up meeting Food Standards Agency Done - Very Keen to be trained in best practice use of Wikipedia
  • SV to coordinate activities related to the Olympics Done - Too late