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Below are the Board and Staff reports to the Board Meeting on 30 June 2012; see Agenda 30Jun12.

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If something needs discussing for longer than a minute, then please add it to the Matters Arising section on the agenda.

Board[edit | edit source]

All board[edit | edit source]

  1. All budget owners are asked to complete the details of their items by the next board meeting.
  2. All board to read about Associates and Fellows.

Fae (and GLAM programme)[edit | edit source]

GLAM stuff
  • The National Archives images delivered on CD and uploaded initial set to Commons
  • [Andrew Gray] British Library WIR programme underway
    • BL editathon with a focus on WWI - 20 Wikimedians and 6-8 academics
    • First outreach workshop (Birkbeck) - 25 June, 15 people from several institutions; organized with help from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, more are being organised
    • BL Internal workshops - 18 people had editing training in June, 20 signed up so far for July
    • Supporting preparation for OCLC WiR's authority-control project WP:VIAF
    • Fæ, BL management and the AHRC funding representative are agreed as stakeholders for programme reviews
  • St Cuthbert Gospel - it happened! everyone happy and applauding (£9 million was raised, and getting the article to Featured status and on the front page of Wikipedia was a key part of public communications)
  • [JB] Barcelona (wiki-lounge) a success, several contacts made, including an encouraging follow-up from Museums Galleries Scotland
  • [JB] Proposal to support Museum analytics with a grant, a website for GLAM organisations to benchmark their web activities [1] [2]
  • [JB] British Museum, nothing significant to report though the curator Jill Cook is pursuing plans for preparing for a special exhibition next year
  • [HJM] Coventry Editathon - 10 to 15 attendees including Wikipedians, successful article creation, producing DYKs, and gaining local press coverage.
  • GLAMcamp was held on 8 June and GLAMwiki conference coordination meeting on 22 June
    • Registration for GLAMwiki is live and being promoted by email
    • Recommendation for GLAM sub-committee. Provisional members are: Robin, Fae, HJ Mitchell, Leutha
    • I am suggesting Brian is included, but have yet to review that with him myself. I have proposed to Robin that he become the recognized coordinator for Wales, and he is up for helping in that capacity. [Blimey, I have a big phone call backlog]
  • Scotland (pending update)
  • [Robin] GeoVation 22-24 June 2012 a success (RB to report)
  • [Robin] Proposal for funding for Wicikedia Cymru outreach File:Cymraeg Application for Outreach Funding-1 Robin.pdf (JD to report)
GLAM Pipeline
  • Fae and Daria met with the Southbank Centre (Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Hayward Gallery) about a partnership in late 2012 running throughout 2013
  • The requested grant to the Wikimedia Chapters Association is agreed in principle, we are late in negotiating the detail
  • The WIKIGLAM upload tool project has a delayed start due to minor Project Initiation Document changes by Europeana
  • The Funds Dissemination Committee is now accepting nominations, Mike is in the running
Trustee stuff
  • Reviews with Peter Williams on PQASSO programme are demonstrating progress against plan, things look good in time to declare something before the Fund-raiser
  • Some governance related issues have arisen and can be covered in-camera. We wish to stay light-weight on rules, but we may want to refine principles in-camera. The Whistle-blowing Policy has been a helpful and practical demonstration of probity
  • All capital item purchases have been made public, a good demonstration of our value of openness beyond the basic Charity Commission guidelines
  • The procurement process for Train the Trainers was a successful case study of community involvement and transparency
  • Due to unexpected personal commitments the QRpedia agreement has been delayed, though there is a documented common understanding that Fae, Roger and Terence are comfortable with, and a process for (legally) reviewing and completing the agreement
  • Those that have had (cheap as chips) independent trustee training have all given good feedback on value for the benefit of the charity
  1. Yes check.svg Done Fæ to establish GLAM Task Force 2 (discussed and to review with Daria along with potential for GLAM social network event)
  2. JD/Fæ Horniman Museum approach (JD passed to Stevie)
  3. (Backburner) Fæ to compile a briefing for partners on issues and expectations surrounding in-residency projects.
  4. (Sort of done) JD and Fae to organise reporting processes for Monmouth, and to figure out improvements the general process for project reporting.
  5. Yes check.svg Done Fæ to confirm with the National Archive that, in order to pay the invoice, we need to have a copy of the images and the agreement releasing the images under a free license, but that uploading them prior to paying the invoice is not necessary.

Michael Peel (Secretary)[edit | edit source]

For my work in progress, see the scratchpad at User:Mike Peel/Workspace.

Most of my secretary work has been noted in the main agenda, so I won't repeat that here.

  1. Have worked through far too many emails sent to private mailing lists. Please can we get better at making use of this wiki?
  2. Britain Loves Wikipedia close-off has now been handed over to the Office. Two prizes had been awarded prior to the hand-over; the rest are currently outstanding.
  3. The leadership of assembling the monthly Reports has now been handed over to Stevie. There is still a significant backlog of activities to be recorded, though. I'm adding content to the reports as I am able to, and expect other staff, trustees and volunteers to do the same. This is our principle report for recording our activities, so adding content to it is rather important!
  4. As one of the main signatories to the WMUK bank accounts, I have been authorising expense claims and invoice payments as needed via Unity Trust online banking - in the last few weeks this role has been handed over to John Byrne as treasurer. As the lead of the two trustees that have access to the co-operative account, I have been undertaking reimbursements from that account, and have been transferring funds to the Unity Trust account as needed.
  5. Helped respond to meta:Funds Dissemination Committee/Chapter Finances Survey/UK
  6. Have been supporting the establishment of the Conferences Committee - to be discussed elsewhere in the agenda.
  7. Attending Wikimania 2012, also visiting WMF offices at the end of July.
  8. Have stood down from being a list admin of chapters-l. Yay, fewer emails.
  9. Have been kindly nominated for the FDC by Fæ. Yay, more emails?
  10. Various sysadmin duties have been carried out, including:
    1. Tackled an issue with the VPS being sluggish due to other users on the same server.
    2. Wikis updated to the latest versions (1.19a)
    3. Various server maintenance, including work on greylisting.
    4. CiviCRM membership cron now running daily
    5. Have set up the domain name of and the mailing list at conference-committee-l, will also be supporting the setting up of volunteer email address at the domain as needed.
Status of budgets
  1. 2012 Developer budget (on-wiki page outdated)
    1. Have been working on Developer job description with Jon, Doug and Chris. This will take up the lion's share of the budget, with the rest spent on hardware and contracting.
    2. There is the potential for a significant overspend on this budget via contractors, if we want to bring plans forward, or if extra capacity beyond the developer is needed.
  2. 2012 Travel Grants budget
    1. Finance Meeting and Chapters Meeting sponsorship has now been closed off.
    2. Wikimania scholarships are currently in progress. Concerned that this item will overrun the cost estimate, though - currently estimated as £6k.
    3. WikiSym 2012 Scholarships has unfortunately been delayed by a lack of time. Needs advertising with a revised close date.
  3. 2012 Grants budget
    1. Microgrants/Core Contest (prizes) completed, with prizes awarded. A re-run of the competition is planned for August.
Items for discussion
  1. The formal record of the agreements that WMUK has entered into at Agreements is very incomplete. This incompleteness includes
    1. An MoU for the British Library Wikipedian in Residence
    2. There is no formal agreement in place with Roger and Terence for the QRpedia project.
    3. We have yet to approve a formal agreement for Monmouthpedia. The trademark agreement with WMF is also currently unavailable (I've sent a request for this document on 21 June)
  2. There are issues surrounding the provision of a grant to the National Archives to digitize World War works that need to be resolved, although the invoice for this has now been paid.
  3. Need to discuss Donation and grant acceptance and Representing Wikimedia UK
  4. Also need to discuss a revision of the per diem policy. There are two proposals for revision - Fæ's and my own.
  5. There are still backlogs in expense repayments - in particular mine and Jon's - that need clearing. My oldest outstanding claim dates back to September 2011.
  6. Any 2011 expenses, which have been paid, need to be have the receipts double-checked by the Office once they're returned from the auditors.
  7. Am worried about the significant reduction of board and exec meetings this year compared to last. Would much prefer if we could follow similar intervals between board and exec meetings as we did last year.
  8. I would like to see us adopting a principle of least surprise with all our activities, and that the implementation of this principle should follow a 'pull' rather than 'push' approach. In particular, there should never be a situation where the Trustees are not given the obvious ability to be aware of an activity that WMUK is undertaking, and volunteers should be able to be aware of all activities where "in-camera" confidentiality is not absolutely necessary. The consequential implementation requirement is that that process of sharing information should take place on the public wiki, with the office wiki only being used where the information needs to be kept confidential, either on a limited time basis (in which case the information should become public as soon as possible) or on an indefinite basis where required for privacy or unavoidable confidential requirements. I'm not sure how to best express this via a policy, but this is the principle that underlies all of the positions that I take with information dissemination and decisions undertaken. At the moment, I'm very concerned that the vast majority of our activities are not publicly visible - including staff activities, staff-board interactions, board discussions, and discussions between staff/board members and volunteers. This really isn't a good situation to be in.
    NB: See below. Harry Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 01:32, 28 June 2012 (UTC)
  9. Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which Charles Matthews is leading. Please see the position paper that Charles has prepared, and please note two updates from Charles since that document, namely:
  1. '"Strengthen line P" - Midas have been asked to send Jon a quote, itemised to show the cost of release under CC-by-SA;'
  2. 'Workshop proposal - all very fluid, my thoughts changing as a result of something Candy told me about kata (sort of a multicultural question of mine prompted this); and Midas offer "facilitation" for workshops, which is an avenue to explore.'
  1. Part of my role as Secretary is keeping track of actions placed on individuals during board meetings, and noting the conclusion of those actions (whether they are done, or canceled). Please could everyone help make this a bit easier by refraining from significantly reformatting actions (so that wiki diffs work), and from differentiating between actions placed during board meetings (or email decisions) and actions that have been voluntarily entered into?

John Byrne[edit | edit source]

Roger Bamkin[edit | edit source]

  1. RB and JD to prepare a draft on Metrics by 3 jan] <- see CK offer Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  2. RB to propose an outline to the next board for next year's board structure. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  3. RB to talk to Cadw about a collaboration.
  • May 19 -Monmouthpedia launch - lots of problems which are in hand. Contentious issue is a food leaflet which carries the Wikipedia logo. Lots of disparate views. Leaflet created negative reaction to board but no extra.
  • May 25 - attended Olympic torch celebration at Shire Hall with Steve Virgin and Sam. John Cummings took video. Lots of VIP interest.
  • May 29 - Meet Welsh ministry civil servants re collaboration with cy and en wikimedia. Robin Owain and John Cummings present.
  • Geovation - Robin Owain, Andy Mabbutt, John Cummings and me got to finals with Robin's proposal for Wales Coast Path
  • Monmouth - Financial proposal to extend the scope down the Wye Valley to Chepstow. Funding for another worker to exploit and trial the "Do Wikipedia Town" model is expected
  • QRpedia - meeting postponed by WMUK whom?
  • National Library of Wales would like to take the lead and invite a Wikipedian in Residence. Joint funding proposed
Coming up
  • July 9 - Welsh Education Minister meeting
  • July 12 - John Cummings will present Monmouthpedia and ongoing plans
  • July 14 - Robin and Roger to win Geovation funding? Relationship to WMUK

Chris Keating (incl Fundraiser)[edit | edit source]

Reports - Fundraiser
  • Took part in recruitment of fundraiser
  • Currently working on handing over from 2011 fundraiser to the post-holder (still in progress)
  • Have had some input into our discussions about the fundraising agreement and FDC, and Jon & I met Stu West for lunch
  • With Mike, drafted policy on Donation and grant acceptance

Reports - World War I
  • World War I editathon went well
  • In line with my frequent comments that we should measure outcomes, sent followup survey to participants
  • Plenty of potential to follow up with Andrew Gray, JISC, Harry Mitchell, Andy Mabbett, Martin Poulter and various academics. Debrief with JISC on Friday.
  • Scoping WWI page traffic using TreeViews, with some kind help from Magnus Manske
  • Scoped digitisation of a high-priority WWI resource for Wikisource
  1. Fae and CK to merge Friendly space policy & Participation policy and submit the result to the board for approval by email. - merged some time ago, now moved

Joscelyn Upendran[edit | edit source]


Doug Taylor[edit | edit source]


Volunteers[edit | edit source]

Martin Poulter[edit | edit source]

I'd like to continue to regularly report to the Board, although this entire weekend is taken up with a conference so I'm not available either in person or electronically.

  • Education strategy is at what I regard as "version 1.0": it sets down what I think, and especially what I learned from attending the Wikipedia in HE Summit in Boston last year, but I'm seeking more input both from the education sector (using the strategy as a publicity tool) and the community. Please read. Sorry it's taken so long.
  • Wikimedia for schools workshop: a write-up of some ideas that came to me during the Training the Trainers workshop. I'm not qualified to polish it up and deliver it: that would have to be teachers themselves. Some variations of these ideas could be run at the EduWiki Conference.
  • Wrote blog post about education outreach and the EduWiki conference
  • Draft flyer for the EduWiki conference This is a "universities" version: there could also be a "schools" version. Seeking feedback from partners before it's ready to print.
  • Contacting people in connection with EduWiki conference: we will have speakers associated with the Foundation, WMDE, JISC, UK academia & the Mozilla Foundation. Thanks to the Staff and Board for help with this so far: still seeking speakers for some slots and more people to fill out discussion panels.
  • Gave a Research on Learning Innovation seminar at the University of Leicester, to the BDRA team (very influential in research on innovative ways of teaching). I didn't convince every single person in the room, but on the whole they were very enthusiastic, and receptive to the idea of improving Wikipedia as part of a new course they are launching. Storify of reactions
  • Trying to record video "trailers" for the conference, but it's hard.
  • Met with someone from JISC Digital Media to discuss the Digipedia project and what lessons can be learned from Wikipedia about encouraging community contributions.
  • Wrote a long essay on the approach we need to take to training.
  • Attended the TfT workshop and had long follow-up phone conversation with Candy: will feed back on this in a private channel as it needs to be discussed in-camera.
  • Cancer Research UK and Parkinson's UK both want training workshops. I have passed these on to Daria. Currently ball is in their court to find a day, location and attendees. Society of Biology and Physiological Society have also been in touch about training events: Daria is handling.
  • Volunteered to help with Andrew Gray's training workshop in Birmingham, if I'm free on the day.
  • The education budget is hardly being utilised. This is mainly to fund volunteers to set up meetings and promote WMUK in education institutions, and to support small placements or projects. Observations: 1) There aren't as many visits because Fiona is less active and because I'm less active with visits, and my three visits to different groups at the University of Leicester have had expenses paid by the University. Action on me: to drum up interest from the community and create some supporting materials to give people confidence in university outreach- but help from trustees appreciated. 2) The goal of this budget is met in part by getting people to the EduWiki Conference, so some money from the budget is being legitimately diverted to that.
  • Overloaded self: apologies to those I've been out of touch with. The VLE project has brought up lots of email traffic that I haven't yet had time to address (sorry Charles). I need help with things that aren't directly related to EduWiki.
  • The proposed Virtual Learning Environment: This is something that came out of the Train the Trainers bidding process, in particular the tender from Charles Matthews. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a software platform used in education and training that allows lots of course-related functions such as administering quizzes, tracking user views of documents, or creating public or private discussion spaces. One of the top two VLE software platforms is the open-source Moodle. The proposal is that we run our own install of Moodle. In the short term this would allow us to provide customised support to people who attend our workshops, beyond what's possible with the wiki. In the medium term the VLE can be allow us to combine the efforts of experts who write course materials and trainers who deliver training in person (of course some people will be both). In the long term there are broader possibilities of WMUK actually being seen to be an educator (and thereby having greater credibility with the education sector). Charles has put forward an impressive plan for paid work to customise Moodle and create an initial set of content so that we can launch it with pride. The intention of course is that in the long term is built and maintained by the community of volunteer trainers. I think it would be good for us to be seen to visibly promote and use open-source software other than MediaWiki. A couple of Trustees have been in discussion about this, but as Jon D has suggested we need a Board member to step forward and take a lead role. Partly this is because of my lack of time to give the detailed feedback the project needs, but more importantly this project has a long-term strategic significance that needs Board-level thinking.
  • I'd like the Board to grant me some sort of nominal post that explicitly connects me to the work I'm doing, such as "Higher Education lead". This would be purely nominal, involving no privileges above any other ordinary volunteer. It would help me approach people in Higher Education (especially senior management). I would add it to my email signature and wiki profiles, and introduce myself as the Higher Education X when talking to partner organisations. It would last until the next AGM, when I would have to apply to the new Board, but the title could be revoked at any time if the Board or Chief Exec decided I was bringing the charity into disrepute or undermining its objectives. Please consider whether this would be a good idea.
PS now that I've read about Associates, this is a role I'd like if you choose to go with it.

Harry Mitchell[edit | edit source]

I believe most trustees know how to get hold of me should there be any queries. I should be available most of Sunday.

September board meeting.
  • As has been discussed with individual trustees in person, and I believe on the board mailing list, I'd like the board to hold its next meeting (scheduled for September) at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry on 8 and 9 September. This would be a nice recognition of the partnership with the Herbert (which is the only ongoing GLAM relationship in the UK outside London to my knowledge), but more importantly, I'd like the trustees to lead the prizegiving for Wikipedia Takes Coventry (which we hope to do on the Sunday). As has been mentioned previously, there will be a charge for the room.
  • We now have a quote, which includes a discount in recognition of the partnership—£334.80 (including VAT), which covers both days (10-4 Saturday, 12-4 Sunday). Additional costs for staff will be incurred if we need the room for longer than this.
  • The quote does not include catering (except for tea and coffee); subject to board agreement thus far, I can request a quote from the in-house caterers. Alternatives may be available.
  • Slightly more detail (including accommodation and other peripheral details) can be found in this Google Document.
  • Kicking this up to the board for a decision before I go any further.
  • Draft Openness Policy created for discussion. Purely a draft at this stage, and full discussion is needed before adoption as a policy (or as anything else more official than a suggestion).
  • GLAM of the Year award formally handed over to the Herbert (many thanks to Doug for being the ceremonial figurehead at short notice!); photos on Commons, taken by Rock drum. Local press coverage to follow shortly hopefully (thanks to Stevie for his help with this); links will be posted somewhere on this wiki as and when.
  • Planning for Wikipedia Takes Coventry (with Rock drum), scheduled for 1 September, well underway; will shortly be asking for funding from WMUK (and possibly from other organisations) once a budget has been worked out.
  • Possibility of a followup categorisation workshop on 2 September (subject to discussion with the Herbert). Attended WSC's workshop in London on 28 July to see how this could work.
  • Presenting to the Physiological Society in Edinburgh on 2 July after a little arm-twisting by Daria! Will hopefully be the start of a partnership there, which I believe is something Martin and Daria are working on.
  • Attended GLAMcamp London and subsequent GLAM-WIKI planning meeting on behalf of the Conference Committee (see below)
  • Attended various other events, but they are (or should be) covered in other reports.
Conference Committee and Wikimania bid
  • The Conference Committee (ConfCom—suggestions for better abbreviations welcome!) was born out of a meeting to discuss a 2014 Wikimania bid the day after the AGM. It is chaired by Joe Seddon, though I'm doing much of the liaison while we're still defining its exact role.
  • ConfCom has a domain and a mailing list, thanks to Mike.
  • Has met (remotely) once since the meeting at which it was founded (minutes).
  • It was decided at the founding meeting that a bid would be submitted for Wikimania 2014 and that it would be for London again, given the excellent ground work done by Ed Saperia et al on the 2013 bid.
    • In the (unlikely) event that there isn't a Wikimania 2014, we will bid or whatever takes its place.
  • ConfCom will be looking into potential venues for WikiConference UK 2013; suggestions/comments welcome
  • Assisting Martin and Fae with EduWiki and GLAM-WIKI respectively

Staff[edit | edit source]

Jon Davies (CEO)[edit | edit source]


Link to possible budget shapes


1. Budget adjustments

  • a. That the budget is adjusted to add two more desk spaces to the office to accommodate the two new members of staff. Cost not to exceed £4760 (likely to be significantly less) in this financial year. To come from contingency or reserves.
  • b. That Board costs be adjusted to reflect expected spend. Currently 10K, likely to be at least 50% higher. To come from contingency or reserves.
  • c. That, following a request from WSC we:
    • 1. Purchase three more simple laptops for community use at events, approximate cost £1000, could come from Extended Reach programme or reserves.
    • 2. Investigate this proposal: “for independence at things like the Hampton Court Flower show and other potential outreach events it would be good to have some separate battery charge packs - a basic UPS might do the trick, a satellite broadband subscription and the kit to do a WiFi hub. This would also give us a backup for events where we overload the WiFi, as well as giving us the ability to create our own WiFi hub at crowded events such as conferences and shows. “
  • d. That we take on two interns for eight weeks in August and September to support the work around the GLAM conference, University Conference and Train the Trainers and University Outreach. These are very time intense in terms of the organisation and I can see us spoiling the ship for a happeth of tar. My proposal is that we advertise within the community and via intern blogs. We would pay London Living wage at £8.30 making the costs to WMUK, including a bit for travel approximately £2500 per intern. Total £5,000. These would be quality placements with good projects to work on. I would hope we could recruit from WMUK target groups. The funding would come from the University Outreach budget which is currently not being spent. Line management would come from Richard and Daria.
  • MP comments: Please could you propose an amendment to the 2012 Activity Plan that takes into account these proposed changes? There are also other budget lines that need to be revised - e.g. the staff travel budget appears to have been significantly overspent. The laptops need a rationale for why they are needed (are the existing three event laptops oversubscribed?). Where is the Hampton Court proposal coming from - is this a significant need for planned events that will take place in the near future. I agree with the approach of taking on interns, but I'm not sure about the focuses of those interns (in particular, we need to balance the role of volunteers vs. paid interns with these topics), nor the source of the funds (which returns to my first point). Thanks. Mike Peel (talk) 23:45, 27 June 2012 (UTC)

2. Actions from previous meetings:

  • a. JD/Office to look into a software solution to track actions and plans. Doing... Looking at which actions most meaningful to track. Have asked for people's preferences and am receiving suggestions. First suggestions = payment of expenses, payment of invoices. thanks emails to donors, replies to emails and phone messages. Need much more input.
  • b. RB and JD to prepare a draft on Metrics by 3 Jan. Doing... See a – should all integrate. Will fit in to five year plan targets. See above.
  • c. JD to push forward the QRPedia transfer of ownership. Has become embroiled in broader issues around Monmouth. Now with Fae. RB, JD, Fae, Terence Eden and RS to meet to take the transfer of ownership of QRpedia forward. With Fae. We need to sort this out.
  • d. JD to draft a harassment prevention process, including the steps leading to referring a situation to the police. Need Fae input. Overtaken by Chris's synthesis into a 'Participation' policy.
  • e. JD to co-ordinate the creation of a position paper on conflicts of interest and get trustee comments on it. ETA was 'around June 2012'. Has become regulayly postponed. Advice please on next steps.
  • f. RS and JD to ensure that the transfer of financial control from the current Board to the new one happens smoothly after the AGM, and that the change of signatures forms are completed at the board meeting immediately after the AGM. Doing...
  • g. JD to set up the process of a trustee induction for new trustees. Discussed at meeting with Peter Williams and being set up for June 30th Board.
  • h. AT and JD to organise the pensions scheme. Has cost £1500 set up taken from contingency Done
  • I. JD and Fae to organise reporting processes for Monmouth, and to figure out improvements the general process for project reporting. Booklet on Monmouth will be ready for Wikimania. Other lessons to be learnt.
  • j. JD (with assistance from MP) to take the counterproposal 5 year plan and distill it into a strategic plan on a wiki that the community can take ownership, and will lead to a document that the charity can use. Done.
  • k. JD to explain the 5-year strategy process at the AGM. Done.
  • l. JD to start an on-wiki discussion about possible risks to the charity, using the 6 points he has identified as the starting point. Done. Now extended by Fae.
  • m. JD to send around a summary of the PQASSO process, and to provide extra information on specific areas on request. Done. PQASSO report on agenda.

3. For all other day-to-day see weekly reports and News from the Office blog.

  • MP comments: My preference would be for you to increase the focus on providing frequent reports from the office via this wiki, and utilizing the office-wiki reports for ongoing items that cannot be shared publicly. Mike Peel (talk) 23:52, 27 June 2012 (UTC)

Richard Symonds (Office Manager)[edit | edit source]

  1. RS to send links around to the Associates and Fellows proposal. Yes check.svg Done
  2. RS to assist with chasing and clearing the backlog of outstanding submission of expense claims.Yes check.svg Done
  3. RS to set up weekly email of pending members to the board for approval. Also to look into 'red flagging' systems to identify any problematic membership applications that might be received. Yes check.svg Done, but this is an ongoing task. 'Red flagging' is done in the email of membership applications sent to the board.
  4. RS and MP to organise circa £2.5k of funding to develop an open-source solution linking CiviCRM and UK Direct Debits. Symbol wait.svg Doing... - in discussion with CiviCRM, slight crossover with Developer role...
  5. RB, JD, Fae, Terence Eden and RS to meet to take the transfer of ownership of of QRpedia forward.Yes check.svg Done - with Fae.
  6. RS to make an Office Calendar which is more publicly accessible. Symbol wait.svg Doing..., discussion next week with Stevie about this.
  7. RS and JD to ensure that the transfer of financial control from the current Board to the new one happens smoothly after the AGM, and that the change of signatures forms are completed at the board meeting immediately after the AGM. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  8. RS to ensure that the declarations of interest at Minutes 12May12b are included in the main register of interests. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  9. RS to complete the list of members approved at the meeting on 12 May 2012. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward

Stevie Benton (Comms)[edit | edit source]


Quarterly report


Proposed Comms strategy

File:WMUK comms strategy v1.2.pdf

Summary if decision for above


  1. Comms person to look into organising a media training day for staff, trustees and volunteers. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  2. Create content for Monmouthpedia launch event on 19 May Yes check.svg Done - Launch ewas a huge success
  3. Work with Steve Virgin to develop relationship between WMUK and the PR industry Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  4. Develop group of volunteers to support the media objectives of the Monmouth launch Yes check.svg Done - reached significant media in almost 40 countries
  5. Evaluate WMUK activity against the comms and promotion element Symbol wait.svg Doing... / Yes check.svg Done - Level one is complete. Level two is pending.
  6. Undertake thorough review of WMUK communications activity with a view to writing the new comms strategy Yes check.svg Done - first complete draft of strategy is with the board. Can be found at File:Commsreportto30Juneboardmeeting(1).pdf and early consultation was at 2012 Communications Review
  7. To discuss Horniman Museum relationship with Fae Go-next-red.svg Carried forward

Daria Cybulska (Events)[edit | edit source]



  1. Daria to draft forms for project leaders to report back to the office and board etc. Symbol wait.svg Doing... (google docs) created and is with Jon for comments and further development
  • Wikimania 2012 scholarships
  • Working on agreeing on their flight details and booking the tickets. 2 out of 7 have flight details agreed so far Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Working on sorting out accommodation for the scholarship recipients Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Estimate costs for scholarship delegates (7 people) £5300
  • Also looking after the remaining chapter delegates (staff, trustees) and their flights / accommodation Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Merchandise of sufficient quality has been sourced. Some pictures of the merchandise already available can be found on Commons.