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Comment This is a draft report that has been left unchanged to preserve the state that it was shown at the 8 Jan 2013 board meeting. The latest version is now at Reports 9Feb13/Minutes review.

Background[edit | edit source]

At the board meeting on 9 October 2012 I was given the action:

MP to assemble a list of public and in-camera minutes which are ready for approval or have previously been approved, and set up a voting page on the office wiki to approve them and decide whether they should be made public or not. New in-camera minutes will be posted to the board wiki for now, and moved onto the office or public wikis as the board decides. Office to assist MP wherever possible.

As such I started setting out a decision page on the office wiki at Decisions/In-camera_minutes. Following from this, at the board meeting on 17 November 2012 I was given the action:

MP to assemble a list of unapproved minutes to be approved at the next board meeting.

Additionally, the governance review that is currently taking place highlighted some inaccuracies in past board minutes, and when I was working through past board minutes I found some other inaccuracies that should be corrected. In order to jointly take into account the actions placed upon me, my duties as secretary, and to try to minimise the workload for other trustees, I have set out this set of public recommendations, which incorporates the two lists requested above.

I request that my fellow trustees review these recommendations in advance of the 8 Jan board meeting, and raises any queries or requests for modification of the recommendations on the talk page or if need be with myself by email, so that as complete a decision as possible can be made at this board meeting.

Recommendation[edit | edit source]

I recommend that the Board:

  • Approves the minutes where indicated below in the 'Details' section.
  • Approves the relocation of in-camera minutes to the office (remaining in-camera) or public (releasing publicly) wikis as indicated below in the 'Details' section.
  • Caveats this approval to ensure that past boards are happy with the changes made to minutes recorded during their terms.
  • Actions myself to relocate the in-camera minutes as appropriate, to mark newly approved minutes accordingly, and to note that changes have been made to minutes previously approved.
  • Identifies any exceptions that it wants to make to this recommendation as per the reference numbers below, and the reasons for those exceptions, to be reviewed at the February board meeting.

Details[edit | edit source]

The meetings have been recorded in reverse chronological order below.

Ref Meeting Public minutes In-camera minutes Approved? Topics covered in-camera Recommendation
R1 Agenda 18Dec12 (Exec) Minutes 18Dec12 Office X mark.svgN QRpedia and Wikimania Approve, keep in-camera minutes on the office wiki.
R2 Agenda 17Nov12 Minutes 17Nov12 Office
X mark.svgN In-camera actions, membership approvals, FDC recommendation Symbol wait.svg Doing.... Approve minutes. Release in-camera actions. FDC discussion, Board items TBD. Keep membership in-camera.
R3 Agenda 17Oct12 (Exec) Minutes 17Oct2012 (holding page) Office X mark.svgN Symbol wait.svg Doing... Approve minutes, and release them
R4 Agenda 9Oct12 Minutes 9Oct12 Board X mark.svgN Symbol wait.svg Doing...
R5 Agenda 25Sep12 Minutes 25Sep12 (empty page) Office X mark.svgN Some sections could be released, TBC.
R6 Agenda 19Sep12 Minutes 19Sep12 X mark.svgN
R7 Agenda 8Sep12 Minutes 8Sep12 Office X mark.svgN
R8 Agenda 21Aug12 Minutes 21Aug12 Office X mark.svgN
R9 Agenda 26Jul12 Minutes 26Jul12 Office X mark.svgN
R10 Notes 14Jul12 X mark.svgN
R11 Agenda 30Jun12 Minutes 30Jun12 Office Yes check.svgY keep section "In-camera topics" on the office wiki, release sections "Other areas deferred" and "QRpedia"
R12 Agenda 12May12b Minutes 12May12b Yes check.svgY
R13 Agenda 12May12 Minutes 12May12 X mark.svgN
R14 Agenda 8May12 Minutes 8May12 Office Yes check.svgY
R15 Agenda 21Apr12 Minutes 21Apr12 Office
Yes check.svgY Correct agenda and minutes to indicate that Fæ was chairing rather than Roger (as highlighted by the governance review)
R16 Agenda 15Apr12 Minutes 15Apr12 Yes check.svgY
R17 Agenda 27Mar12 Minutes 27Mar12 Office Yes check.svgY
R18 Agenda 3Mar12 Minutes 3Mar12 Yes check.svgY
R19 Agenda 11Feb12 Minutes 11Feb12 Office
Yes check.svgY
R20 Agenda 24Jan12 Minutes 24Jan12 Yes check.svgY
R21 Agenda 3Jan12 Minutes 3Jan12 Office Yes check.svgY
R22 Agenda 14Dec11 Minutes 14Dec11 Yes check.svgY
R23 Agenda 19Nov11 Minutes 19Nov11 Board Yes check.svgY
Exec Exec Minutes 11Nov11 Yes check.svgY Correct 'TD' to 'Terence Eden' (as highlighted by the governance review)
R24 Agenda 1Nov11 (Exec) Minutes 1Nov11 Yes check.svgY
R25 Agenda 16Oct11 Minutes 16Oct11 Board Yes check.svgY
R26 Agenda 11Oct11 Minutes 11Oct11 Board Yes check.svgY
R27 Agenda 18Sep11 (Exec) Minutes 18Sep11 Yes check.svgY
R28 Agenda 27Aug11 Minutes 27Aug11 Office
Yes check.svgY
R29 Agenda 9Aug11 Minutes 9Aug11 Board Yes check.svgY
R30 Agenda 25Jul11 Minutes 25Jul11 Board Yes check.svgY
R31 Agenda 9Jul11 (Exec) Minutes 9Jul11 Yes check.svgY
R32 Agenda 11Jun11 Minutes 11Jun11 Board Yes check.svgY
R33 Agenda 20May11 (Exec) Minutes 20May11 Yes check.svgY
R34 Agenda 26Apr11 Minutes 26Apr11 Board Yes check.svgY
R35 Agenda 16Apr11b Minutes 16Apr11b Yes check.svgY
R36 Agenda 16Apr11a Minutes 16Apr11a Board Yes check.svgY
R37 Agenda 8Apr11 Minutes 8Apr11 Yes check.svgY
R38 Agenda 1Mar11 Minutes 1Mar11 Board Yes check.svgY
R39 Agenda 5Feb11 Minutes 5Feb11 Board Yes check.svgY In-camera minutes not approved
R40 Agenda 4Jan11 Minutes 4Jan11 Yes check.svgY
R41 Agenda 7Dec10 Minutes 7Dec10 Yes check.svgY
R42 Agenda 2Nov10 Minutes 2Nov10 Yes check.svgY
R43 Agenda 22Oct10 Board Yes check.svgY
R44 Agenda 5Oct10 Minutes 5Oct10 Yes check.svgY
R45 Agenda 11Sep10 Minutes 11Sep10 Board Yes check.svgY
R46 Agenda 10Aug10 Minutes 10Aug10 Board Yes check.svgY
R47 Agenda 20Jul10 Minutes 20Jul10 Board Yes check.svgY
R48 Agenda 29Jun10 Minutes 29Jun10 Board Yes check.svgY
R49 Agenda 8Jun10 Minutes 8Jun10 Yes check.svgY
R50 Meetings/2010-05-04/Agenda Meetings/2010-05-04 Yes check.svgY
R51 Meetings/2010-04-24a/Agenda Meetings/2010-04-24a Yes check.svgY
R52 Meetings/2010-04-24/Agenda Meetings/2010-04-24 X mark.svgN
R53 Meetings/2010-04-13/Agenda Meetings/2010-04-13 X mark.svgN
R54 Meetings/2010-03-30/Agenda Meetings/2010-03-30 X mark.svgN Missing Meetings/2010-03-30/IRC?
R55 Meetings/2010-03-16/Agenda Meetings/2010-03-16 X mark.svgN
R56 Meetings/2010-03-02/Agenda Meetings/2010-03-02 X mark.svgN
R57 Meetings/2010-02-16/Agenda Meetings/2010-02-16 Yes check.svgY
R58 Meetings/2010-02-09/Agenda Meetings/2010-02-09 Yes check.svgY
R59 Meetings/2010-01-19/Agenda Meetings/2010-01-19 Yes check.svgY
R60 Meetings/2009-12-29/Agenda Meetings/2009-12-29 Board Yes check.svgY
R61 Meetings/2009-12-15/Agenda Meetings/2009-12-15 Yes check.svgY
R62 Meetings/2009-12-01/Agenda Meetings/2009-12-01 Yes check.svgY
R63 Meetings/2009-11-17/Agenda Meetings/2009-11-17 Yes check.svgY
R64 Meetings/2009-11-03/Agenda Meetings/2009-11-03 X mark.svgN
R65 Meetings/2009-10-30/Agenda Meetings/2009-10-30 X mark.svgN
R66 Meetings/2009-10-20/Agenda Meetings/2009-10-20 Yes check.svgY
R67 Meetings/2009-10-11/Agenda Meetings/2009-10-11 Yes check.svgY
R68 Meetings/2009-09-29/Agenda Meetings/2009-09-29 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY
R69 Meetings/2009-09-15/Agenda Meetings/2009-09-15 Yes check.svgY
R70 Meetings/2009-09-01/Agenda Meetings/2009-09-01 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY
R71 Meetings/2009-08-18/Agenda Meetings/2009-08-18 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY
R72 Meetings/2009-08-05/Agenda Meetings/2009-08-05 Yes check.svgY
R73 Meetings/2009-07-28/Agenda Meetings/2009-07-28 Yes check.svgY
R74 Meetings/2009-07-21/Agenda Meetings/2009-07-21 Yes check.svgY
R75 Meetings/2009-07-07/Agenda Meetings/2009-07-07 Yes check.svgY
R76 Meetings/2009-06-23/Agenda Meetings/2009-06-23 Yes check.svgY
R77 Meetings/2009-06-09/Agenda Meetings/2009-06-09 Yes check.svgY
R78 Meetings/2009-06-02/Agenda Meetings/2009-06-02 Yes check.svgY
R79 Meetings/2009-05-26/Agenda Meetings/2009-05-26 Yes check.svgY
R80 Meetings/2009-05-19/Agenda Meetings/2009-05-19 Yes check.svgY
R81 Meetings/2009-05-12/Agenda Meetings/2009-05-12 Board (Minutes) Board (logs) Yes check.svgY
R82 Meetings/2009-05-05/Agenda Meetings/2009-05-05 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY
R83 Meetings/2009-04-26/Agenda Meetings/2009-04-26 Yes check.svgY
R84 Meetings/2009-04-26a/Agenda Meetings/2009-04-26a Yes check.svgY
R85 Meetings/2009-04-20/Agenda Meetings/2009-04-20 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY
R86 Meetings/2009-04-18/Agenda Meetings/2009-04-18 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY
R87 Meetings/2009-04-14/Agenda Meetings/2009-04-14 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY
R88 Meetings/2009-04-07/Agenda Meetings/2009-04-07 Board (logs) X mark.svgN Membership approval; Phorm; chapter agreement It is unclear whether the public minutes were approved - should they be retroactively approved?
R89 Meetings/2009-03-31/Agenda Meetings/2009-03-31 X mark.svgN Place an action on RS+MP to write minutes according to the record at Meetings/2009-03-31/IRC.
R90 Meetings/2009-03-30/Agenda Meetings/2009-03-30 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY WMF board nominations, Phorm opt-out Keep WMF board-related discussions on the Board wiki. Move Phorm discussions to the public wiki.
R91 Meetings/2009-03-16/Agenda Meetings/2009-03-16 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY Membership Approve correction to indicate that the minutes approved were those from the 10th Mar 2009 rather than the 2nd Mar 2009 [1]. Move in-camera discussion to office wiki.
R92 Meetings/2009-03-10/Agenda Meetings/2009-03-10 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY WMF board-related nominations, Membership Keep WMF board discussions on the Board wiki. Move membership discussions to the office wiki.
R93 Meetings/2009-03-02/Agenda Meetings/2009-03-02 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R94 Meetings/2009-02-17/Agenda Meetings/2009-02-17 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY Membership Move in-camera discussion to office wiki
R95 Meetings/2009-02-10/Agenda Meetings/2009-02-10 Yes check.svgY Approve correction to indicate that the minutes approved were those from the 2nd Feb 2009 rather than the 19th Jan 2009 [2]
R96 Meetings/2009-02-02/Agenda Meetings/2009-02-02 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY AGM tellers Move in-camera discussion to office wiki
R97 Meetings/2009-01-19/Agenda Meetings/2009-01-19 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R98 Meetings/2009-01-13/Agenda Meetings/2009-01-13 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R99 Meetings/2008-12-30/Agenda Meetings/2008-12-30 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R100 Meetings/2008-12-16/Agenda Meetings/2008-12-16 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R101 Meetings/2008-12-08/Agenda Meetings/2008-12-08 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R102 Meetings/2008-12-01/Agenda Meetings/2008-12-01 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY Membership Move in-camera discussion to office wiki
R103 Meetings/2008-11-25/Agenda Meetings/2008-11-25 Board (logs) Yes check.svgY Wikimania bid Move in-camera discussion to office wiki
R104 Meetings/2008-11-18/Agenda Meetings/2008-11-18 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R105 Meetings/2008-11-10/Agenda Meetings/2008-11-10 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R106 Meetings/2008-11-04/Agenda Meetings/2008-11-04 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R107 Meetings/2008-10-27/Agenda Meetings/2008-10-27 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R108 Meetings/2008-10-21/Agenda Meetings/2008-10-21 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R109 Meetings/2008-10-13/Agenda Meetings/2008-10-13 Yes check.svgY Approve correction to indicate that the minutes approved were those from the 7th Oct 2008 rather than the 2nd Oct 2008 [3]
R110 Meetings/2008-10-07/Agenda Meetings/2008-10-07 Yes check.svgY No changes needed
R111 Meetings/2008-10-02/Agenda Meetings/2008-10-02 Yes check.svgY No changes needed