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Below are the Board and Staff reports to the Board Meeting on 8 May 2012; see Agenda 8May12.

Templates for actions: {{done}} Yes check.svg Done, {{cf}} Go-next-red.svg Carried forward, {{canc}} X mark.svg Cancelled.

If something needs discussing for longer than a minute, then please add it to the Matters Arising section on the agenda.

Board[edit | edit source]

All board[edit | edit source]

  1. All budget owners are asked to complete the details of their items by the next board meeting.
  2. All to publicise the AGM on May 12, putting particular emphasis on booking train tickets early.

Fae (and GLAM programme)[edit | edit source]

  • As it's less than 3 weeks since the last report, I was not expecting to write or read any detailed reports.
Actions, ordered by importance
  1. (*) Fæ/Daria - As a countermeasure for these risks, I propose another GLAM networking event in May to encourage (new) leaders to step forward.
  2. (Late) MP/Fæ Blogs or reports from the recent India scholarships to be received and published, may require re-prompting.
  3. Fæ/JD/RS Strategy 2 day - to be scheduled for the new board as part of initial agenda.
  4. Fæ to establish GLAM Task Force 2 (discussed and to review with Daria along with potential for GLAM social network event)
  5. JD/Fæ Horniman Museum approach (JD passed to Stevie)
  6. (Backburner) Fæ to compile a briefing for partners on issues and expectations surrounding in-residency projects.

Michael Peel (Secretary)[edit | edit source]

Split into roles:

  • Minutes (Minutes 15Apr12 needs work?)
  • Resolutions 12May12b needs completing
  • Membership approvals - in-camera report for list of names and locations. Last approved 13 April.
  • Budgets that I am (nominally) responsible for:
  • Covering treasurer duties from AT, including making invoice payments and expense reimbursements as needed. The move towards Unity Trust banking is proceeding, but still has issues in terms of authorisation procedures that need to be resolved.
  • Many, many emails worked through...
  • RS and MP to organise circa £2.5k of funding to develop an open-source solution linking CiviCRM and UK Direct Debits.
  • Outstanding policies: Trustee Code of Conduct, Participation policy
  • Normal maintenance (including general system upgrades) and backups carried out.
  • Mailman now fixed and working again.
  • Geocamp - on back burner at the moment, needs picking up in concert with Daria.
  • Closing off Britain Loves Wikipedia Symbol wait.svg Doing... - two prizes now awarded, with the rest in progress. Need to give Jon info about this.
  • List admin. wikimediauk-l: trying to sort out issue with archives being semi-confidential, and keep moderator queue clear. chapters-l: ongoing maintenance, need to pass on.

Roger Bamkin[edit | edit source]

  1. RB and JD to prepare a draft on Metrics by 3 jan] <- see CK offer Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  2. RB to propose an outline to the next board for next year's board structure. ((cf}}
  3. RB to go ahead with the ideas & plans he has come up with for the Wikimedia UK Awards. The prizes would be kept by the recipients rather than returned. Yes check.svg Done
  4. RB, JD, Fae, Terence Eden and RS to meet to take the transfer of ownership of of QRpedia forward. = Tuesday Yes check.svg Done (by Telephone) - "Challenging" timescale
Other stuff
Coming Up

"Grand Project" Hertfordshire Uni with MLP (QRmedia (sic)) Yes check.svg Done

  • AGM on May 12 - talking Yes check.svg Done
  • "Communicating the Museum" - My abstract was accepted (on QRpedia). Lori had agreed to present but has now declined. Funding for Terence or I? - abandoned.
  • Invite to present at Wikiconference in Estonia at end of May on WMUK/QRpedia - delayed till September
  • May 19 -Monmouthpedia launch - lots of problems which are in hand. Contentious issue is a food leaflet which carries the Wikipedia logo. Lots of disparate views. Trying to find compromise - in progress

Chris Keating (incl Fundraiser)[edit | edit source]

  1. JD and CK to reconcile the data protection and donor privacy policies.
  2. Fae and CK to merge Friendly space policy & Participation policy and submit the result to the board for approval by email.

Martin Poulter (incl Education budget)[edit | edit source]

  1. Strategy, publicity & event preparation for Wikimedia Universities Programme Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  2. MLP to devise an interactive starter session for the AGM.
  • Delivering training workshop for British Psychological Society
  • Visit to University of Leicester with Daria about conference logistics
  • Visit to University of Hertfordshire with Roger about various aspects of university engagement

Steve Virgin[edit | edit source]

  • SV to discuss whether the Science Museum's definition of 'AV equipment' includes webcasting, and how much that would cost. - *Understand this to now be with Daris (SV)
  • Working with Stevie Benton on 'mummying' the CIPR and PRCA - vis principles for ethical engagement with Wikipedia, speakers etc - bit like naughty children not talking to each other (quite funny really!)
  • Trying to get Monmouth communications talking (tough ask)
  • Need to discuss 'press release distribution' software option for Stevie moving forward (discussing Media Disc & Gorkana) seeking a month's trial - that may just run across Monmouthpedia
  • Have a preliminary meeting booked for Environment Agency contact based in Bristol
  • Most of the time is spent managing the Communications with regard to monmouthpedia
  • Science Museum meeting - looking like a fantastic partnership is beginning to bloom - they will be speaking at AGM
  • Met Head of Libraries for whole of Wales - we will be briefing the two Ministers at national government level

Staff[edit | edit source]

Jon Davies (CEO)[edit | edit source]

Apologies for absence this evening, unavoidable family commitment

  1. Data protection insurance. Will add to fundraiser risk assessment and send to WMF.
  2. JD/Office to look into a software solution to track actions and plans. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Looking at which actions most meaningful to track track. Have asked for people's preferences and am receiving suggestions. First suggestions = payment of expenses, payment of invoices. thanks emails to donors, replies to emails and phone messages. Need much more input.
  3. RB and JD to prepare a draft on Metrics by 3 Jan. Symbol wait.svg Doing... See 2 – should all integrate. Will fit in to five year plan targets. See above.
  4. JD to set up the process of a trustee induction for new trustees. Discussed at meeting with Peter Williams an being set up for June 16th Voard.
  5. AT and JD to organise the pensions scheme Symbol wait.svg Doing... Has become MORE complicated.
  6. JD to push forward the QRPedia transfer of ownership. Has become embroiled in broader issues around Monmouth. Now with Fae.
  7. JD to integrate the text from the Google document into 2012 Activity Plan, and to use that as the main point for developing the plans for our activities this year. Awaiting feedback from stakeholdersSymbol wait.svg Doing...
  8. JD to draft a harassment prevention process, including the steps leading to referring a situation to the police.Symbol wait.svg Doing... Need Fae input.
  9. JD to turn the draft sysadmin requirements into a proposal to send out the the industry. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Need Mike input.
  10. RB, JD, Fae, Terence Eden and RS to meet to take the transfer of ownership of of QRpedia forward. With Fae.
  11. Requested action/question from MP: could the equal opportunities statistics for staff hires (both past and future) be publicly released? Yes check.svg Done Richard shared at Manchester Exec.
  12. Six Month review - concluded.
  13. Train the Trainers - Went to tender and panel have reported back. Link here
  14. Financial - Unity Trust bank operating - some small teething problems but much more secure banking.
  15. Annual Audit - will not be in time for AGM but on course for conclusion well within Charity Commission timetable.
  16. Fundraising post - out for recruitment. Need Community volunteer for panel.

Richard Symonds (Office Manager)[edit | edit source]

  1. RS to assist with chasing and clearing the backlog of outstanding submission of expense claims.Symbol wait.svg Doing... - Nearly done, only one or two pre-2012 payments to make
  2. RS to set up weekly email of pending members to the board for approval. Also to look into 'red flagging' systems to identify any problematic membership applications that might be received. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward, ongoing task. 'Red flagging' is done in the email of membership applications sent to the board.
  3. RS and MP to organise circa £2.5k of funding to develop an open-source solution linking CiviCRM and UK Direct Debits. Symbol wait.svg Doing... - in discussion with CiviCRM.
  4. RS to email a list of 'interesting donors' to RB, who will ask them if they would like to speak at our AGM. X mark.svg Cancelled
  5. RB, JD, Fae, Terence Eden and RS to meet to take the transfer of ownership of of QRpedia forward.Go-next-red.svg Carried forward - waiting on others to organise meeting
  6. RS to make an Office Calendar which is more publicly accessible. Symbol wait.svg Doing... - looking at system at, but this occasionally throws up errors.

Stevie Benton (Comms)[edit | edit source]

  1. Comms person to look into organising a media training day for staff, trustees and volunteers. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  2. Take delivery of final, printed Annual Report Yes check.svg Done
  3. Create content for Monmouthpedia launch event on 19 May Symbol wait.svg Doing... - waiting on approvals from RB, SV, Monmouth, John Cummings
  4. Work with Steve Virgin to develop relationship between WMUK and the PR industry Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  5. Develop group of volunteers to support the media objectives of the Monmouth launch Symbol wait.svg Doing... - group of four agencies confirmed, more to come from CIPR and PRCA. Communication ready to go out to group tomorrow and then set up appropriate conference call and delegate actions
  6. Evaluate WMUK activity against the comms and promotion element Symbol wait.svg Doing... / Yes check.svg Done - Level one is complete. Level two is pending.
  7. Undertake thorough review of WMUK communications activity with a view to writing the new comms strategy Symbol wait.svg Doing... - first draft is created for discussion at 2012 Communications Review
  8. To discuss Horniman Museum relationship with Fae Go-next-red.svg Carried forward

Daria Cybulska (Events)[edit | edit source]

  • Draft 'Event organiser feedback form' (google docs) created and is with Jon for comments and further development
  • Wikimania 2012 scholarships
  • All the recipients of the WMUK scholarship have been contacted to inform them of the award Yes check.svg Done
  • Working on agreeing on their flight details and booking the tickets. 2 out of 7 have flight details agreed so far Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Working on sorting out accommodation for the scholarship recipients Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Estimate costs for scholarship delegates (7 people) £5300
  • Also looking after the remaining chapter delegates (staff, trustees) and their flights / accommodation Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • AGM 2012
  • Currently 65 people booked on CiviCRM. All the people signed up on the Wiki page asked to book through CiviCRM as well, so most of them overlap
  • In touch with the venue / caterer to confirm the event details
  • Most of the speakers contacted and confirmed - attempting to move all the candidates for trustees to have their talks before the voting Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • Need more information on UK Wikimedian of the Year 2012 - how will the winners be chosen, etc.
  • Merchandise of sufficient quality has been sourced. Some pictures of the merchandise already available can be found on Commons.