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Wikimedia UK is keen to support student societies towards a better understanding and improvement of Wikipedia and its sister projects. We are now looking for a volunteer to help our Education Organiser develop a strategic plan for reaching out to university student unions across the UK. This work relates to WMUK's developing efforts to support Student Societies focused on editing Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

The main tasks to be performed under the direct guidance of WMUK's Education Organiser are as follows:

  1. collect all contact information from individual student union websites across the UK.
  2. contact as many relevant individuals at student unions as possible, altering them to what WMUK has to offer for student societies.
  3. gathering information about student fairs were WMUK can support a stand/stall in September/October 2013.
  4. secure other ways to enable WMUK to perform further direct communication with other student union reps responsible for events and/or student societies into the coming weeks and months.
  5. mapping responses to locations covered by existing WMUK volunteers who can assist with training and/or running of events, including fresher's fair presence.

This is not a paid position, however, a daily allowance of £20/day for expenses is claimable for up to 5 days.

It is expected that the work will be carried out in Scarborough over a period of up to five consecutive days starting Monday 19 August 2013. There may be some flexibility on this arrangement.

If you're interested in performing these tasks for WMUK please email or call 07885 980 536 before Thursday 8 August 2013.