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Where are your figures coming from? £3000 for an office for 6-months seems a little unlikely. And it also seems pretty unlikely you'd find anyone decent prepared to work for £10 an hour, particularly when they're only needed for a few hours a week.

As I said in the penultimate board meeting, it'd be much more sensible for us to find already running projects (such as the schools Wikipedia, the kenisnet(?) server cluster, the usability project etc etc.) which we can donate money too. And with devs my hunch is that paying for prizes results in more coding hours per pound than paying individual coders by the hour. --Cfp 00:47, 29 December 2009 (UTC)

The figures come from googling. The office costs are typical for places within the London commuter belt (Milton Keynes, Guildford, etc.). £10/hr is at the lower end of typical costs for bookkeepers, we might have to go up a little to get someone good, but I'd say £14 is the most we'd need to pay. The cost for a developer is, admittedly, a guess, and probably would be a little more than I've budgeted for. While we could donate to existing projects, one can usually get a greater marginal utility from a small amount of funds by funding new projects. The existing projects you mention already have the money they need, more money from us would only fund optional extras for the projects, which are obviously less useful otherwise they would have been included in the main project. Paying for prizes can be more efficient in the long run, I agree, but it is less convenient. Having somebody on staff means you have far more control over what gets done and when. If you need them to drop everything and work fix something ASAP, they'll do so. You can't achieve that with prizes. --Tango 15:25, 29 December 2009 (UTC)