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   0: RB - Apologies for absence (RB) 5 mins
   A: Previous minutes - Richard/MP
   1: Governance (RB) Finance reports, Weekly reports, Fund raiser Sub-Committee?
  • How often do we report our finances. e.g. spend v. budget. exceptional spends
  • Weekly report from CExec and phone call
  • Fund raiser sub committee - weekly reports? Wiki or email
   2: Charity Status (John invited if any actions required) - Press release? 10 mins
  • Recent reports from John B indicate that we may get some news by the 4th of November but we seem to have no new news. Steve V has prepared a press release that we can move to the wiki.
   3: Fundraiser - Chris - Outstanding risks? UK Banners? Press?
   4: Plan A and Plan B (JD)
  • Plan circulated?
   5: QRpedia Ownership (JD)
  • Its a contract. What is the consideration? What licenses? What clauses are required?
   6. AOB