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Some immediate thoughts:

  • We can't control volunteers unless we have authorised them to act on our behalf, in which case they may become 'associated persons' under the Act. If a volunteer is formally acting on our behalf (eg is representing us) we presumably need to get them to sign before they undertake anything. Are we doing that already? If not, we may need to discuss how to make sure that happens in every case. Not trivial I suspect, as we may need to first to complete our discussions of who we allow to represent us. Part of the volunteer policy, in progress with Govcom?
  • We are an English company and while it goes without saying that we comply with English law, including the Act, we cannot commit to comply with any foreign law. Such laws might require us to act outside our charitable objects or even in conflict with English law.
  • The bullet points under the "Failure to comply with ..." paragraph can't be a policy in themselves, as they are just a set of rules as to what we have to do. The policy should indicate how we comply, not simply say that we will (which is a legal requirement anyway). --MichaelMaggs (talk) 19:04, 8 January 2014 (UTC)