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Membership Plan[edit source]

"We expect the charity's initial membership to be at least 20"

This is a document setting our objectives to the bank and should be optimistic but realistic. Here is a brief review of membership stats from some other chapters:

Chapter Members Membership Rate Income from Subs Donations
Germany 443 €24/€12 €8,576 €270,050
France >100 €24/12 €1,800? n/k
Australia 97 interested here AUD40/20 say 97 * 60% * AUD30 * £0.44/AUD = £770 n/k
Netherlands 83 €12-30 €1,600 (est?) ??

Bearing in mind there are 1,025 people listed in category "British Wikipedians" in en.wp alone, plus 1,300 English, and 1,500 from teh UK (with, of course, considerable overlap between all three), I would suggest we should set ourselves a target of having 200 members within a year. Suppose the membership starts from 0 on 1/1/09 and builds up to 200 in a straight line from now to 31/12/09, say half pay full up front and half monthly and half pay full £12 subs and half pay £6 that gives us £1,350 in subs. I suggest we also put in £2,000 in donations (given Germany got more than £100,000 last year I dont think that's unreasonable!

On the expenses side I suggest we have a broad budget like: Accountancy costs £500 AGM £500 Postage, Transport £200

AndrewRT 00:49, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

We should probably have both numbers in the document. What cfp has put in so far is the short-term goals, based on what people have "said" to us, whilst yours are the long-term ones, based on how well other chapters do.
With your expenses estimates, I would be surprised if the AGM costs us £500 (we need a room for a day, and some bits of paper - that doesn't cost that much!), and I still think accountancy will be less than that (although obviously you're the expert...). £200 for transport seems slightly optimistic, but fairly realistic I guess. Mike Peel 10:33, 16 November 2008 (UTC)