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Every event WMUK community or office sets up would have an event page with the the elements outlined here. Ideally the office contact for a particular event would assist in capturing needed metrics.

Where does evaluation come into play?[edit source]

  1. Set the goals for the event - why does it exist, what do you want to achieve (for a rather lengthy explanation see here. Do you want to create content? Attract new editors? Create a partnership with an institution?
  2. Capture the details of the attendees (during registration, at the event)
  3. Capture what has been done during the event
  4. Get feedback from participants at the end of the event and collate the results (category:Event feedback)
  5. Follow up with an email a week later and 3 months later
  6. Look at broader outcomes and record

Feedback forms for conferences[edit source]

They will be constructed differently to a Wikipedia workshop feedback. It should include elements on:

  • Audience demographics (standard) and interests around this event
  • Content based questions - surveying what the conference was about, different for every event.
  • Aims of the conference based questions - safe to assume people attended the event to 1) learn and 2) network. This can be surveyed.

notes[edit source]

This is good[edit source]

I like this template! MartinPoulter (talk) 16:51, 1 May 2014 (BST)