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All parameters to this template are optional; if you leave a parameter out, the relevant bullet point doesn't appear. If you leave all of the parameters out, the none of the bullet points appear, and the blurb about your specific accreditations disappears.

This template adds Category:Accredited trainers to any page on which it is transcluded.

Parameters[edit source]

  • t: Your technical accreditation level.
  • i: Your institutions accreditation level.
  • m: Your members accreditation level.

Usage examples[edit source]

{{accreditation}} states that you are accredited, but does not specify your accreditations in specific areas.

{{accreditation|t=Full|s=Supporting}} states that you have full accreditation for technical, supporting accreditation for members, and does not specify your accreditation for institutions.

{{accreditation|t=Full|i=Full|s=Supporting}} states that you have full accreditation for technical and institutions, and supporting accreditation for members.