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English (English) en

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Cymraeg (Welsh) cy

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Wicipedia, Wikiquote-logo.svg Wiciddyfynnu, Wikisource-logo.svg Wicidestun, Wikivoyage-Logo-v3-icon.svg Wicidaith,[1] Wiktionary-logo.svg Wiciadur

Scots (Scots) sco

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Wikipædia, Wikisource-logo.svg Wikisource,[3] Wiktionary-logo.svg Wiktionar[1]

Gaeilge (Irish) ga

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Vicipéid, Wikiquote-logo.svg Vicíshliocht,[1] Wikisource-logo.svg Vicífhoinse,[2] Wiktionary-logo.svg Vicífhoclóir

Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) gd

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Uicipeid, Wikisource-logo.svg Uicitobar,[2] Wiktionary-logo.svg Wiktionary

Kernowek (Cornish) kw

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Wikipedya, Wikisource-logo.svg Wikisource,[2] Wiktionary-logo.svg Wiktionary

Gaelg (Manx) gv

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Wikipedia, Wiktionary-logo.svg Wikiockleyr

Englissh (Middle English) enm

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Wikipædia,[1] Wikisource-logo.svg Wikisource,[3] Wiktionary-logo.svg Wiktionary[4]

Ænglisc (Old English) ang

Wikibooks-logo.svg Ƿicibēc, Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Ƿikipǣdie, Wikiquote-logo.svg ǷicicǷide,[1] Wikisource-logo.svg Ƿicifruma,[3] Wiktionary-logo.svg Ƿikiƿordbōc

Multilingual mul

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Usage[edit source]

Table to show the languages native to the United Kingdom that are (potentially) supported by Wikimedia UK's remit and the projects that it might support as a result.

Language switching[edit source]

The second term (in brackets) will switch, based on the current language, to enable multilingual use of this table. This function assumes that languages are indicated by the final subpage name (eg. Main Page/cy for the Welsh main page).

Exemptions[edit source]

This table currently includes only languages native the the United Kingdom that currently have Wikimedia projects. Per Languages of the United Kingdom: Angloromani, British Sign Language and Shelta are also living languages native to the UK. There are currently no Wikimedia projects in these languages.

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