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The Toolserver Association is a proposed structure that is under discussion to manage the Wikimedia Toolserver.

History[edit | edit source]

The Wikimedia Toolserver is currently operated and mostly funded by Wikimedia Deutschland. They have requested the assistance of other chapters in running and funding the toolserver.

Working group[edit | edit source]

Following the 2010 chapters meeting, in May 2010 Wikimedia Deutschland announced the creation of a working group to discuss the formation of a Toolserver Association. To participate chapters had to agree to (a) Pay for an equal share of the costs of the working group - estimated at €5,000 and (b) Contribute at least €5,000 to the Toolserver by December 2011.

The following chapters have announced their participation in the Association:

  1. Wikimedia Deutschland (Germany)
  2. Wikimedia CH (Switzerland)
  3. Wikimedia France
  4. Wikimedia Italia (Italy)
  5. Wikimedia UK
  6. Wikimedia Norge (Norway)