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(Migrated from Talk:Education Committee/Education Committee meeting 28 May 2013)

# Type of advantage Specifics Quantifiable? Comments and examples
1 Training Increased editing of the projects by trainees Y The assumption is that trainees continue editing with the same account, and accounts are logged at the workshop
2 Training Spread of know-how through an institution by a trainee Y Survey prior to session, survey again one month later
3 Training More appropriate editing by a trainee N For example, if a trainee who is on the comms staff of an institution simply refrains from editing with a conflict of interest, in the Wikipedia sense, who is to know? But the outcome is positive for Wikipedia.
4a Training Trainee considers workshop a contribution to their professional development N This the flip side of the previous point: the training might actually be advantageous to the trainee, and conventionally this is understood to be the case. One unquantifiable plus from the Midas training-for-trainers would be that this sort of point is featured, implicitly and explicitly.
4b Training Workshop is accepted as a contribution to their professional development. Y Work with suitable agencies to get courses recognised as part of CPD programme. This would be quite a substantial piece of work
5 Outreach Wikimedia awareness Y People generally have no idea of the various different meanings of "Wikimedia" (there being at least three) Survey prior to session, survey again one month later
6 Outreach Referrals More a question of logging than counting For example: trainers are invited back by an institution. A trainer is invited to speak at a non-WMUK conference. A workshop results in a student project. (These are recent real-life examples.) Word-of-mouth from one institution to another.
7 Outreach Returning customers Hit and miss Someone coming to a workshop goes to another, a conference, a meetup ...

Please also consider the monitoring elements explained here.