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This is a public declaration of my own interests and how I've handled potential overlap or ambiguity. Check "View history" for when this was last updated.


My only employer since 1997 has been the University of Bristol. Within the university, I have two jobs. Subject to the contracts being signed off, I will have a third job as Jisc's Wikimedia Ambassador from July 2013 to March 2014 inclusive.

Since January 1997, I have been working for what is now called the Economics Network, which is funded by a consortium including the Royal Economic Society and the Scottish Economic Society.

  • Although I have been involved in setting up Wikimedia UK's expert outreach programme, I have not approached either the RES or the SES because of the potential ambiguity of my role.
  • Within my Economics Network job, I have used conference sessions, meetings and publications to advocate open educational resources, free licensing, and the Wikimedia projects (alongside other sources of free and non-free educational content).

Until July 2012, part of my funding for my Economics Network job came from the UK Open Educational Resources programme funded by the JISC and the Higher Education Academy.

  • As a volunteer, I have various contact with JISC staff, including leading a training session at JISC's offices, and inviting JISC or JISC-funded staff to speak at the EduWiki Conference. This happened after the end of the UK OER programme, when the Economics Network was no longer receiving funds, nor could it potentially, from JISC.

Since September 2011, I have also been employed by the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). Funding for my job comes from the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council.

  • I have been involved in delivering training at the MRC offices as a WMUK volunteer, but not during my time at ALSPAC.
  • Within my job at ALSPAC, I advocate to researchers the value of contributing to Wikimedia projects, and the value of open access/open content generally. I have successfully pushed for a Creative Commons policy which will see images from ALSPAC's image library released under a free, Wikipedia-compatible licence.
  • ALSPAC paid for me to attend the Science OnLine London 2011 Conference, where there were sessions on Wikipedia. I avoided those sessions to avoid any confusion about my role, and about how ALSPAC's money is being used.
Business relations with other Wikimedia UK personnel

I don't have any.

Business or financial relations with Wikimedia UK's contractors

I don't have any.

Other business or financial interests

I've never been director of any company other than Wikimedia UK. I don't directly invest in any company, although of course I am indirectly invested in lots of companies via pension and investment accounts.

Spousal interests

I'm not married.

Any questions?

Anyone is welcome to use Talk pages on this wiki to ask me about interests and any potential or perceived conflict with my Wikimedia UK work, but I don't check regularly and won't necessarily respond quickly. For a speedy response, it is better to email my work address .