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This is a scratchpad that User:Mike Peel uses to keep track of what has been done recently, and what needs to be done.

Split into roles:

Secretary role[edit | edit source]

Finances[edit | edit source]

  • There are currently some long-standing outstanding reimbursements. These include:
    • My expenses (since expense claims currently rely on authorisation by of Jon and myself, and I cannot authorise my own expense claims). My outstanding expenses currently sum up to £1,905.08. The corresponding claims are as follows:
      • 27/09/11, Girl Geeks cake, £20.00
      • 21/11/11, SSL certificate, £11.99
      • 08/01/12, OTRS workshop, £796.60
      • 03/01/12, Skype call (3 Jan meeting), £15.20
      • 18/02/12, wikilovesmonuments domain names, £14.16
      • 05/04/12, Domain name credits, £204.00
      • 15/04/12, Board meeting + finance meeting, £148.02
      • 15/04/12, Driving to meet Roger + Andrew for treasurer handover, £66.75
      • 15/04/12, Exec meeting, WMUK office, £83.94
      • 20/03/12, John Rylands meeting, £28.95
      • 15/04/12, Extra costs at Exec meeting, WMUK office, £5.79
      • 22/04/12, Board meeting, Monmouth, £139.48
      • 08/05/12, Skype call (board meeting), £7.05
      • 08/05/12, Phone calls (March, April, May), £45.12
      • 09/05/12, renewal, £30.32
      • 13/05/12, registration (2 years), £7.08
      • 14/05/12, attendance of WikiConference UK 2012 / AGM 2012 / Conference Committee meeting / Wikimeet, £162.67
      • 08/06/12, phone calls to bank (May/June), £10.87
      • Note: I am willing to document and explain all of my expenses to any WMUK member that requests them. I am committed to minimising my trustee expenses as much as possible, whilst maintaining my effective involvement in WMUK activities.
  • There is currently an outstanding action on the office to release information about expense and invoice reimbursements via the public wiki. These include:
    • Breakdowns of the funds expended from the various 2012 Activity Plan budgets, and projections for the future
    • The Office and Chief Exec's expenses should be made publicly available as per the Finance Policy.
    • Summaries of other expenses should be made publicly available, again as per the Finance Policy.
    • Richard's working on this, at Expenses
  • I need to raise the issue of how per diem payments are rescaled for events such as WMUK board meetings where meals are covered by the event. In particular, per diem repayments for events where breakfast and lunch are directly covered by WMUK or partner organisations, and/or where evening meals are paid for centrally, need to be revised.
  • There was a misunderstanding with Unity Trust about the definition of double authentication. Richard Symonds has access to the account to set up transactions but not authorise them, whilst Jon Davies and myself can authorise the transactions. Unity Trust was originally taking RS + JD as double authentication and hence undertaking transactions, whilst it should be RS setting up transactions with JD + MP authorising them. This has subsequently been resolved such that RS sets up transactions and both JD and MP need to authorise them. In the near future both Fæ and Johnbod will also be able to authorise expenses.
  • Overdue expense claim from Imperial - is this still outstanding?
  • Duplicate Viking Direct payment on 4 April, being looked into by the Co-Op and Richard.
  • Fundraiser 2011-12. CK is assembling the fundraiser wrap-up document. Current version is at [1].
  • 2011-12 audit, with Richard Symonds.
  • Budgets that I am (nominally) responsible for:
  • RS and MP to organise circa £2.5k of funding to develop an open-source solution linking CiviCRM and UK Direct Debits.

Grants[edit | edit source]

Sysadmin role[edit | edit source]

  • Joomla + CiviCRM need updating

Communications[edit | edit source]

  • Stevie's leading this, these are my notes about upcoming global milestones to be aware of.
    • Milestone of 500M unique visitors to Wikimedia projects is upcoming. Erik Moller will potentially be starting a draft of a Wikimedia blog post soon at meta:Wikimedia_Blog/Drafts.
    • Milestone of 4m en.wp articles upcoming?
  • Have been encouraging the WMF blog team to make their editorial process more open. Limited success so far, with the blog post calendar and some upcoming blog posts being shared prior to publication, but no consistent approach has been adopted, and comments made on blog posts prior to their publication have not necessarily been taken into account.

Volunteer[edit | edit source]

  • Need to figure out how to integrate Frequently Asked Questions into the wiki structure.
  • Geocamp - on back burner at the moment, needs picking up in concert with Daria.
  • List admin. wikimediauk-l: trying to sort out issue with archives being semi-confidential, and keep moderator queue clear.

Office tasks[edit | edit source]

  • 5-year plan. Being led by Jon, awaiting request for advice about setting up a single community page to further the discussion on this topic.
  • Office hours - Jon has done this once, needs to be rotated amongst staff members. MP to follow up on this.
  • Legal advice phone number to be posted to the office wiki
  • Office to expand on Recruitment procedures for part-time/contract staff, and the facilitation of volunteers to participate in events