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A report from the Wikimedia Diversity Conference by Kwaku BBM

This report was written by Kwaku BBM, a Wikimedia UK volunteer

Kwaku at the conference

I clearly remember when I saw an email announcing an upcoming Wikimedia Diversity Conference (#DivCon) in Berlin. Although I’m a Wikimedia newbie, I was intrigued. Because I’m driven by two areas which have marginal representation – African British history and British black music. So newbie or not, I was very keen to know what would take place at such a conference.

It would be good, I thought, to see how diversity strategies and arguments play out, as that can only help in my quest to see better representation of my interest areas.

Whilst I love Wikipedia, and use it regularly as an initial research resource, I also believe I should be contributing to its content. My only problem is extreme lack of time. Hence I see my role as editor in the traditional sense of not necessarily just writing, but rather, empowering my communities to be interested in and contribute to the content.

To this end, as part of this year’s British Black Music Month, I co-organised with Wikimedia UK an edit-a-thon in July. I was most disappointed that many of those who booked didn’t turn up. I however took heart at the conference when I heard the attendance problems at other edit-a-thons organised by other chapters.

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