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The beach at my hometown: Newburgh, Aberdeenshire.


Hi, I'm Stinglehammer (Ewan) and I live in Glasgow, Scotland.


About me[edit | edit source]

I have an MA in English (Literature & Language) & Modern History from University of Glasgow, a postgraduate diploma (PgDip) in Software Development from Glasgow Caledonian University and a PGDE in English & Media Teaching from University of Strathclyde. I also hold a TEFL certificate from I-to-I and have undertaken short courses in creative writing & screenwriting.

Things I like[edit | edit source]

I love travelling, music, history, cinema and literature, and write about such things on my blogsite,[1] and this all feeds into my regular day-job of teaching of English & Media Studies. I'm interested in all kinds of stories (movies, books, plays) and create my own stories from time to time. Above all, I'm passionate about the idea of lifelong learning and broadening your horizons. Hence why I'm here and why I'm trying to learn how to play the mandolin (badly).

This also means that I love gallivanting off to encounter new people & places whenever I get the chance. I've had great times in recent years, working in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore as well as travelling all over Europe, Asia, North & South America. This gallivanting doesn't happen often enough, sadly, which is why Wikipedia is so important precisely because we can't all meet each other face-to-face to share what we know.

So, with that in mind, feel free to swing by to leave a comment some time.

References[edit | edit source]