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The following log is of a discussion on the IRC channel #wikimedia-uk on 19 March 2012. Times are given in UTC+0 (GMT).
(6:44:03 PM) TheCavalry has changed the topic to: UK Wikimedia community channel | This channel might be publicly logged during office hours. | WMUK office hours tonight, 19:00
(6:52:58 PM) bodnotbod [55d2027c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(6:54:19 PM) JonDavies: Anybody there -any questions about what is hppening from the WMUK office?
(6:55:15 PM) JonDavies: Hello Rochdrum - thanks for keeping my pages tidy!
(6:55:24 PM) Rock_drum: ;-)
(6:55:56 PM) TheCavalry: If no-one has any questions, we can go over what we've done this week, perhaps?
(6:56:31 PM) JonDavies: what have we done this week?
(6:57:40 PM) TheCavalry: OK, here we go:
(6:57:48 PM) JonDavies: Great
(6:58:37 PM) TheCavalry: We've been working on the harrassment policy, and comparing the WMF's donor privacy policy to our own
(6:58:46 PM) TheCavalry: to make sure they're compatible, etc
(6:59:14 PM) JonDavies: Preparing for AGM - need lots of people to come and make it a good day and volunteers to be trsutees next year.
(6:59:27 PM) JonDavies: Ore even trustees!
(7:00:02 PM) TheCavalry: Stevie has started doing the Comms role today
(7:00:54 PM) TheCavalry: We've also got a few new monitors for the office, along with Stevie's computer equipment, to make it easier for volunteers when they come in the office
(7:00:59 PM) WilliamH_UK [WilliamH_U@Wikipedia/WilliamH] entered the room.
(7:01:56 PM) TheCavalry: Mostly, it has to be said, this week has been preparing for the AGM. 
(7:02:07 PM) JonDavies: Had an editing problem yesterday - couldnlt get something to work. Looked this morning and hey presto a kind stranger had sorted it out. Great stuff. Thanks. Rea;;y in the spirit of Wikipedia.
(7:02:25 PM) WilliamH_UK: :)
(7:04:21 PM) TheCavalry: Does anyone have any questions yet?
(7:04:25 PM) TheCavalry: This is your chance :P
(7:05:54 PM) bodnotbod: I'm desperately trying to think of a question to fill the silence :O) But no, I just came along to see what's up.
(7:06:16 PM) HJ_Mitchell [52092703@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(7:06:55 PM) TheCavalry: Oh! The Training the Trainers program has moved forward
(7:07:07 PM) bodnotbod: OK, here's a question: are there any more new hires expected this year?
(7:07:08 PM) JonDavies: Don't worry perhpas everything is running smoothly. So fat this has been a very pleasant week with lot of positive feedback. It is still Monday though!!
(7:07:48 PM) TheCavalry: Jon is answering, hold on :)
(7:08:20 PM) HJ_Mitchell: the suspense is killing me. ;)
(7:08:45 PM) JonDavies: Nothing in the plan at the moment. SOme discussion around a fundraising post but Trustees need to think about it. We also need a Developer but could be a company, contactors or ny combination of this and volunteer support. There is a page on UK that discusses this.
(7:09:31 PM) TheCavalry: Both those posts are quite far away
(7:09:52 PM) JonDavies: This is the page which is VERY rough at the moment
(7:10:46 PM) TheCavalry: there might be some more Wikipedian-in-Residence posts or internships, but that depends an awful lot on how the museums etc feel
(7:11:04 PM) jdlrobson left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(7:11:38 PM) JonDavies: Come back jdlrobson!
(7:11:48 PM) bodnotbod: OK. Thanks for the replies.
(7:12:33 PM) JonDavies: No problem - going from 0 to 4 in a few months has been quite a change so we want to get this working first.
(7:12:45 PM) TheCavalry: We've also been looking into merchandise
(7:12:56 PM) TheCavalry: Daria has her hands on a fair few samples
(7:13:00 PM) HJ_Mitchell: what's the private wiki for trusted volunteers? And howcome I've never heard of it?
(7:13:16 PM) TheCavalry: it's just for staff and trustees at the moment
(7:13:39 PM) TheCavalry: in the future it might be for trusted volunteers too, but there's an awful lot of private stuff on there that we need to check through
(7:14:03 PM) jdlrobson [] entered the room.
(7:14:13 PM) HJ_Mitchell: or am I reading it wrong?
(7:14:32 PM) bodnotbod: Personal details, addresses, phone numbers, things like that?
(7:14:42 PM) TheCavalry: Yes
(7:15:27 PM) JonDavies: One thing that does occur to ne is that there may be some redundant pages on the UK WIki - if you spot any please let us know.
(7:15:35 PM) Fae: HJ_Mitchell: to be honest it's terribly boring stuff, just necessary confidential items, paperwork and some contact phone numbers that obviously ought to be private.
(7:16:07 PM) TheCavalry: But there's no volunteers with access to it
(7:16:24 PM) Fae: Hey, I'm a volunteer.
(7:16:24 PM) TheCavalry: (although maybe in future there will be, depending on if it would be useful)
(7:16:30 PM) TheCavalry: lol
(7:16:41 PM) TheCavalry: Yes, Fae, you are right :P
(7:16:41 PM) Fae: Were there any thoughts about webcasting kit for future events? It would be neat to be able to webcast some more meetings live so remote e-volunteers can take part.
(7:17:13 PM) Rock_drum: A camera and a couple of mics shouldn't be too expensive.
(7:17:42 PM) ***Fae Looks around for AV volunteers who would enjoy using and buying such kit...
(7:18:01 PM) TheCavalry: We've got a HD video camera ready to order, along with a decent microphone, but we could definitely use more AV volunteers, and photogrtaphers
(7:18:10 PM) JonDavies: If the technology is simple enough why not. Pigs onthewing was pretty fully engaged when he did the BL Board meeting. DOn;t thing the technology is quite so simple yet. Perhaps a voicecast would work more easily?
(7:18:22 PM) HJ_Mitchell left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
(7:18:50 PM) HJM [52092703@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(7:19:01 PM) JonDavies: This is certainly a test of typing!
(7:19:05 PM) ***Fae thinks HJM needs a new ISP
(7:19:29 PM) HJM: take it up with my housemate!
(7:20:03 PM) WilliamH_UK: HJM is it Virgin? they were utterly useless in Reading
(7:20:19 PM) Fae: When Daria and I visited the British Library last week, we checked out the AV setup for GLAMwiki - we'll need two or three AV volunteers to help video and broadcast the conference.
(7:20:47 PM) Fae: A photo/video sub-group might be a good thing to encourage.
(7:21:10 PM) HJM: WilliamH_UK: yeah; you're a CU - if I can recognise ISPs by the first two digits of an IP you should be able to!
(7:21:11 PM) JonDavies: Job for Stevie?
(7:21:22 PM) Fae: Rock_drum: Any progress on WLM or is it a bit stuck? Do you need Daria to chase it up?
(7:21:38 PM) Rock_drum: The blog post just needs publishing! :-)
(7:21:54 PM) Rock_drum: Although, it might be worth sticking a contact email for the steering group on there.
(7:22:28 PM) Fae: Johnbod was chasing that one. I think they are all waiting for someone else to take a lead - and it's not going to be me!
(7:23:12 PM) HJM: we need a mailing list so we can work out how this "steering group" is going to work if nobody wants to lead 
(7:23:57 PM) Fae: JonDavies: Perhaps Stevie could have a chat with Brian in Scotland and get an update on the concept of the photography week there... good excuse for the photography sub-group separate from the WLM project.
(7:24:23 PM) JonDavies: Fae - love the red text being pinged.
(7:24:41 PM) Fae: HJM: Agreed, perhaps a todo list spawned from the WLM workshop page?
(7:25:05 PM) ***Fae Hears oven pinging and has to go sort out dinner...
(7:25:09 PM) Rock_drum:
(7:25:35 PM) Fae: Rock_drum: Ah yes, good point - the steering group should agree who is doing what there.
(7:26:31 PM) Fae: If I don't see much happening this month I'll make a fuss, but I'd rather it magically started to happen by itself.
(7:27:32 PM) TheCavalry: I suspect that the commons community is a bit busy at the moment, so it might not happen as quickly as we hope
(7:28:07 PM) Fae: Only busy with drama - those more gnomicly inclined will just get on with things.
(7:28:27 PM) HJM: a mailing list would at least let us argue over it a bit more, which is better than everyone forgetting about it. How is easy is it o set one up?
(7:28:42 PM) Rock_drum: if you want a one... under 4 minutes
(7:28:50 PM) Rock_drum: google groups equally so
(7:28:59 PM) HJM: the former
(7:29:17 PM) HJM: and what are you waiting for, Mr Rock_drum? ;)
(7:29:20 PM) Rock_drum: I can do it right now, if you'd like.
(7:29:31 PM) WilliamH_UK: I've just had a splendid idea, there is a free app
(7:29:37 PM) WilliamH_UK: can't remember what it's called right now
(7:29:51 PM) WilliamH_UK: but it uses the GPS of your iphone/ipod to tell you which things around you have their own wiki article
(7:30:07 PM) WilliamH_UK: that sort of thing would eaaaasily tell you which things around you there are to photograph
(7:30:28 PM) TheCavalry: that IS a good idea
(7:30:37 PM) JonDavies: Agree
(7:30:47 PM) WilliamH_UK: I'll stick my iPod on charge, can't remember what it's called
(7:31:47 PM) WilliamH_UK: Wikihood, there we go
(7:31:54 PM) bodnotbod: Do *iPods* run apps as well now then? I am entirely ignorant of Apple products having never owned one.
(7:32:09 PM) WilliamH_UK: yep
(7:32:27 PM) WilliamH_UK: I have a 4th gen iPod touch, it is identical to the iPhone except that it doesn't have phone/text obviously
(7:32:42 PM) bodnotbod: Blimey. Ta.
(7:33:47 PM) HJM left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
(7:34:08 PM) TheCavalry: I'm off for the night chaps. Jon will still be here for 25 or so minutes yet :)
(7:34:29 PM) WilliamH_UK: cheerio
(7:34:34 PM) bodnotbod: G'bye Cavalry.
(7:35:01 PM) JonDavies: Good night - see you tomorrow.
(7:35:11 PM) WilliamH_UK:
(7:35:25 PM) HJ_hates_IRC [52092703@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(7:35:31 PM) bodnotbod: I think I shall be off too. Looks like a quiet meeting. Thanks for holding it, though. Always good to know that folk are open to questions. Take care. Keep up the good work.
(7:36:03 PM) Rock_drum: You mentioned merchandise earlier. What would this be?
(7:36:13 PM) bodnotbod left the room (quit: ).
(7:37:15 PM) JonDavies: We asked people what they wanted as a first step and the answers were fairly predictable. T - shirts, pens, badges and a personalised tattoo service.
(7:37:25 PM) JonDavies: I made one of those up.
(7:37:36 PM) Rock_drum: Was it the pens? ;-)
(7:37:47 PM) HJ_hates_IRC: Hey, a Wikipedia tat would b awesome! ;)
(7:38:42 PM) JonDavies: The others we are getting quotes for and will have then in the next couple of weks. Ideas to She will be doing the ordering.
(7:38:51 PM) JonDavies: Sorry RD not the pens?.:)
(7:39:01 PM) HJ_hates_IRC: what's the going rate for a t-shirt when buying in bulk?
(7:39:11 PM) ***HJ_hates_IRC was surprised at how expensive they can be
(7:39:49 PM) JonDavies: under ?10 but depends on whether we have designs on fornt and back, ho many coulours and the quality.. We want to make sure they last and look god even after a long wikimeet.
(7:40:20 PM) JonDavies: Look GOOD not GOD! That would be mraculous.
(7:41:20 PM) JonDavies: We would like to do some with humourous captions - any ideas (non-offensive) please?
(7:42:17 PM) HJ_hates_IRC: "If you're here because I blocked you, there's a queue"? ;)
(7:42:31 PM) WilliamH_UK: "[citation needed]"
(7:43:25 PM) JonDavies: [by whom]
(7:44:10 PM) JonDavies: Tough isn't it?
(7:44:15 PM) WilliamH_UK: definitely
(7:44:38 PM) JonDavies: Perhaps a mock up of a whole page?
(7:44:57 PM) Rock_drum: or the article on t-shirts written on a t-shirt
(7:44:59 PM) JonDavies: Or an edit war?
(7:45:17 PM) WilliamH_UK: Rock_drum - like it
(7:45:18 PM) JonDavies: About something really obscure.
(7:45:36 PM) JonDavies: Nice on RD!
(7:45:56 PM) WilliamH_UK: alternatively a mock up of the article on staring
(7:46:47 PM) JonDavies: Had a look at the wiki page and with some sdjusting could work well.
(7:47:59 PM) JonDavies: Pens could have 'For instruction on use go to ''
(7:49:28 PM) WilliamH_UK: or a mock up of the edit button on the lid
(7:50:20 PM) JonDavies: actually -like the button idea too.
(7:50:59 PM) JonDavies: Basically we can make fun of the medium otelf vs the products. SHould work well.
(7:51:05 PM) WilliamH_UK: yeah
(7:51:20 PM) JonDavies: Has everyone got a WMUK mug yet? If not email us at the office and we can send one.
(7:51:23 PM) WilliamH_UK: I like the pen idea most
(7:51:51 PM) WilliamH_UK: perhaps it could extend to other pieces of stationery
(7:52:07 PM) WilliamH_UK: erasers, pencils etc
(7:52:36 PM) HJ_hates_IRC: JonDavies / TheCavalry: there are a few tickets (wrt donations and membership) in the WMUK OTRS queue that need a staff member to look at them; one of them is also interested in the editathon in Coventry. Any chance one of you could take a look?
(7:53:48 PM) JonDavies: Tomorrow will do.
(7:54:31 PM) JonDavies: What do you think about this time for an office session? Would like to make ot regular but need to know when / what day is best.
(7:56:59 PM) Fae: How about once a fortnight, maybe from 18:00 instead? - or is that too often?
(7:57:57 PM) HJ_hates_IRC left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
(7:58:07 PM) JonDavies: Think about it and let us know. Time for home now. Good night lovely Wikimedians. Remember always a desk and a coffee for you in the office if you are anywhere near Old Street.
(7:58:58 PM) WilliamH_UK: :D
(7:58:59 PM) JonDavies left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).