WMUK, Digital Disruption and Demos event, 24 October 2012

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This event took place in October 2012

Following on from a previous circulation of the proposals developed between WMUK, Digital Disruption and Demos, Jon Davies and Stevie Benton had a very productive meeting with the team from Digital Disruption in Summer 2012. We've agreed to host a workshop in the WMUK offices on 10 September 2012. The workshop details below were prepared by Jon and Stevie and were shared with interested parties by Digital Disruption. At the time of the workshop, Wikimedia UK haven't committed to any piece of work or committed any funds to the project.

Workshop details[edit | edit source]

Digital Disruption: changing how we use the Internet

10am – 2pm, Wednesday 24 October, Shoreditch House, London

Demos, Digital Disruption and Wikimedia UK hosted this morning workshop which examined how our organisations and interested parties can work together to work towards our shared aims around digital literacy, online education and improving the UK's digital judgement.

This workshop offered the opportunity to help shape the Digital Disruption initiative. The initiative was envisaged to deliver three things:

  1. High quality, in-depth research to explore digital judgement abilities among young people, parents and teachers in the UK and examine implications for education, personal development and social well-being.
  2. The development and prototyping of online and offline educational tools and training to improve digital judgement among teachers and young people in the UK.
  3. A national communications campaign sponsored by industry and government to raise national awareness of the importance of digital fluency and its implications for individuals, communities and society.

The workshop brought together parties interested in participating in the project. Each was given the opportunity to speak about their interest in Digital Disruption, what they would like the project to achieve, and how they would like to be involved. There are many areas of shared interest here, including online research skills, digital literacy and youth engagement.

There was also a session where we discussed how to take the project forward, along with opportunities for networking.