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Proposal for a Wikimodule system based around the WMUK VLE. This is by way of an overview of how the Wikisoba project fits in with the Virtual Learning Environment.

Components[edit | edit source]

  1. Existing Moodle site (the VLE)
  2. Existing Modulewiki site, at wiki pages to record VLE text content, and allow transclusion to draft it.
  3. Proposed Quizipedia custom wiki repository, for quiz writing and preview
  4. Existing Wikisoba tool, modified to work with Quizipedia and extended GIFT dialect
  5. SSO module for login using Modulewiki as front end to VLE
  6. Transclusion for external participation in the VLE content, and also use of “templating” techniques within Moodle.

The overall system will presumably be subject to some authentication regime, such as OpenID. Mozilla solutions (Browser ID and/or Persona) should be looked at.

Feature development[edit | edit source]

  • Add scoring and timing features to quizzes, to make for realistic testing, rather than just self-instruction feedback.
  • Badging through Moodle, and possibly otherwise.
  • Improved import from GIFT syntax to Moodle: the existing upload mechanism is a bit clunky/unforgiving/buggy in relation to HTML tags.
  • Provide GIFT editing tools.