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Wonder Women of Natural History: Wikipedia editathon at London Zoo - In a nutshell

  • Where?: London Zoo, London NW1 4RY
  • When?: Saturday 18th of January 2014, 10:00 until 17:00
  • Point of contact: Emily Humble from ZSL (emily.humble@zsl.org) or John Cummings, Wikimedian in Residence at the Natural History Museum (j.cummings@nhm.ac.uk)
  • How do I sign up?: Sign up here on Eventbrite

This event has finished, a write up of the event is available here

Join the Zoological Society of London in a one-day Wikipedia editathon dedicated to improving the Wikipedia pages of the most remarkable women who have helped shape our understanding of natural history.

The day will include:

  • Specialist training in editing Wikipedia pages.
  • On-hand support and resources on-hand to make editing easier.
  • A team of experts to talk about these fantastic women and to lend their expertise.
  • A unique opportunity to visit the ZSL library and view historic artefacts by these women in science.
  • A tour of London Zoo to hear about some of the women associated with ZSL from the early days and more recently.

You are invited![edit | edit source]

Sign up here on Eventbrite

This event is open to those new to Wikipedia and to experienced contributors! Female editors are particularly encouraged to attend. Come along and play a part in educating society about the amazing achievements by notable Women in Natural History!

Refreshments will be provided.

Please bring your own laptop if you have one (there will be a few available for those without, please email to reserve one).

Please create a Wikipedia account beforehand by clicking on the create account link at the top of any Wikipedia page.

If you'd like to take part remotely then please join us on Twitter at: #WISWIKI

Location[edit | edit source]

Please come to the Prince Albert Gate situated about 100m west from the main London Zoo entrance on the outer circle by 10am.

Contact[edit | edit source]

Email John.Cummings@Wikimedia.org.uk or emily.humble@zsl.org for questions or to book a laptop

List of possible article subjects[edit | edit source]

There is a full project page with targets and suggestions here

On our blog[edit | edit source]

You can read the story written after the event here.